English / Language Arts News

September 2015

Welcome Back!! Thank You Oncourse Curriculum Builders!!!

A huge thank you to our Summer Oncourse Curriculum upload colleagues!! Your wisdom, knowledge, and expertise proved invaluable during the countless hours of upload. Thank you, Helene Revelant, Maureen Sweeney, Lois Battista, Janet Eckhardt, Liz Norman, Sarah Winzer, Rosemary Gebhardt, Sarah Ragone, Diane Smaldone, Carol Cummins, Erin Matthews, MaryEllen Moran, Peg MacDonald, Julie Franklyn, Kristina Krops, Stephanie Que, Rebecca Walker, Jess Rostami and the entire Language Arts department at Lounsberry! Thank you also, to our math friend and Oncourse "go-to", Vinny Gagliostro!

Please be on the lookout for Language Arts steering committee meetings this fall in order to commence with the next phase of the curriculum roll-out. These steering committees, by grade level design, will collectively unpack our curriculum from Oncourse, revise/update the curriculum as appropriate, align novel choices across the grade levels, and seek to provide additional/enriching instructional activities and assessment sources in order to meet the needs of every learner!!

International Literacy Day ~ September 8, 2015

Check out this site for inspiring literacy activities!! Please join the Vernon School district in affirming it's commitment to reach every learner and to build a community of readers including students, teachers, and parents this school year!!

The Teaching Channel ~ Personalized PD ~ Just for you!!

Throughout the year, we will be supporting our professional development with tools provided by the Teaching Channel. If you haven't already registered as a user of the site then please be sure to do so via the button below. In the weeks following your registration be sure to look for an email invitation to the Vernon Township School District site. This web-based professional development platform is user-friendly and replete with resources for all educators.
Click here to view the improved PARCC website

Be sure to look for diagnostic tools that will be available later in September!! Additionally, please view the updated blueprints and evidence tables for your grade level. New materials are also available for K-2 educators.

Lexile Levels?!?! Click here for information!!

What are lexile levels? What do lexiles mean for instruction? Why are lexile levels important? Read here for answers to these questions and more...