Koala, Kangaroo and Dingo

By Amity Nelsen

One morning in the Gumbo Desert, a very large dingo awoke in his very large sandcastle. He walked out of his beautiful, expensive sand dune bedroom. His home was draped with sparkling jewels and an antique tapestry was hanging above the front door. It had a very big dingo (even bigger than him) embroidered on the front with threads of gold.

He went outside to go and find his best friend, the very wealthy koala. He traveled across the mountains of sand and the tumble weed forest until he got to koala's house. Koala was dressed in gold and silver robes. He decided that he would wear them outside because no one was a thief in the desert. They walked and walked together until they met mean, selfish, old kangaroo.

"Hello koala, hello dingo. Would you like to come on a walk with me?" Kangaroo asked slyly, he looked enviously at koala's robes of gold and silver, he just had to have them.

"Of course!" Exclaimed koala. Dingo looked suspiciously at kangaroo, but he went with them any way.

The kangaroo took them all the way to the edge of the Gumbo Desert, right next to the sea of bad fortune. He quickly grabbed koala and held him over the sea.

"Now you will have bad luck forever!" shouted kangaroo. "I will gain all of your silver and gold!"

"Wait!" exclaimed koala, "Dingo is so much more fortunate than I, why don't you drop him in?"

The greedy kangaroo imaged the huge sand castle, the enormous sand dune bedroom, and all of dingo's riches. He had to have it, and koala's gold and silver robes were too small for him anyway.

Quickly the kangaroo let go of the koala and started to run furiously towards dingo. Then koala caught eye contact with dingo and nodded. With a quick, but powerful kick of his legs, dingo sent the kangaroo flying in the air and down into the sea of bad fortune.

The dingo and the koala watched the kangaroo splash around into the sea and grasp at rocks until he started to make his way out of the sea. Then they quickly left the sea side.

The kangaroo soon climbed out of the sea and went to find his home, but he realized that he wasn't home, he was in a strange green place with trees and strange animals crawling all over. He sat down and closed his eyes, waiting for more bad luck to come. He waited and waited until he felt the ground move under him. He opened his eyes and found himself in a barred in cart that had the word "ZOO" printed on the side in big letters.

Back at the desert, the dingo and the koala ran through the sand back to their sand dune bedrooms as far away from the sea as they could get. That night they were very grateful for their good fortunes.