Tuesday Morning Crunch

One hour a week. Crunching out Strategy & Action. No Fluff.

Are you working ON your business? Every week? Building Strategy? Implementing Action?

It's hard. From being overwhelmed and drifting in the start up phase of business to the pull and overload of working every day "IN" the business, we short ourselves on time, effort and resources to strategize, plan and direct the growth activities to propel our business toward our goals.

Business Owners. Start Ups. Sales Executives. Leaders . . . We're talking to YOU.

NO MORE. No more excuses. Get here. Get busy. Invest in you, your business and your future. Join the Tuesday Morning Crunch. One hour a week. You can do it.

Closed group coaching. Weekly butt kicking. High fives welcomed.

What to expect?
  • Weekly business development.
  • Strategy to implement.
  • Actionable objectives.
  • Brain trust environment.
  • A tribe of supporters.

Sign up for the Tuesday Morning Crunch here:

Tuesday, Feb. 25th, 9am to Tuesday, April 1st, 10am

1661 International Place Drive, Ste 400, Memphis TN {The Colonnade Building}

Introductory rate: $200/month {or $50/meeting}

3 month minimum commitment.

Tuesday Mornings, 9:00 am to 10:00 am

{No meetings holiday weeks - we'll make those up}

Meeting content is not consecutive or sequential but 12 weeks is the minimum commitment we ask that you invest to maximize strategic content and create new culture, behavior and direction for you and your business.

Email or call Shawn and The Selling Agency here to pre-qualify and take the next steps. {No online registration, we want to make sure this is the right program for you!}

sks@TheSellingAgency.com 901.410.0016.

Not in Memphis? Want to start your own Crunch Group? Contact me and we'll figure it out.

Facilitated by The Selling Agency

100% dedicated to building business Revenue Engines through Sales Strategy, Sales Programs, Selling Teams and Leadership.

Who's Leading this Group? Why is it called the Crunch?

Shawn Karol Sandy, Chief Revenue Officer of The Selling Agency, knows there are 4 core steps to growing your business: Planning, Implementing, Measuring and Accountability. Whether you're a start up, a seasoned entrepreneur, a sales executive, or taking the reigns of leadership in your business division, these 4 steps must be your critical priority. That's tough in reality. Having started successful businesses and been a part of sales leadership in both small and publicly traded companies, Shawn agrees executing critical priorities is easier said than done. That's why she built the Tuesday Morning Crunch. She knows what can happen if you don't carve out the time, keep the big picture in the foreground and hold yourself accountable to reach your goals. She will get you there if you invest the time.