Curriculum Connections

Lake Harriet Lower Campus, 2022-2023

Dear Lower Campus Families,

In this newsletter, we have provided our grade level and specialists' curriculum for you to review. We are not hosting an in-person curriculum night this school year. In its place, we are providing the digital resources and hosting a community night on October 26. With possible staff reallocations, we have needed to make adjustments to the original schedule. During conferences, you will have the opportunity to discuss specific academic and behavioral expectations, schedules, and individual student growth.

We are looking forward to meeting with you during conferences, and celebrating our community on October 26 at our Family Potluck & Mascot Naming Event. We will share food, a performance with Native Pride Dancers, and s'mores at Upper Campus, while voting on the future name of our Dragon Mascot.

Thank you for your partnership!

Go Dragons!

Principal Ness

National Hispanic Heritage Month Resources

Bridges Math Curriculum: Family Resources

Check out the Parent Grade Level Resources of our new math curriculum.

PRESS: Path to Reading Excellence in School Sites

A reading resource for classroom teachers and reading intervention.

Experiential Learning

Upcoming Field Trips
  • 1st Grade to the Arboretum
  • 2nd Grade to the Capitol & Children's Theater Company

Kare 11 Meteorologist visit to 2nd Grade

Art Adventure through MIA coming soon

Outdoor Classroom in the Rain Garden

Tree Trust--Each classroom planted a tree last year and can help it grow.

Mindfulness through Yoga

At the Lower Campus, we have partnered with One Love Yoga to provide our students with yoga and mindfulness practices. Our students have access to yoga instruction 25 minutes every other week. Here is more information about their yoga in schools instruction.

We at stand behind the dozens of current research papers that point to the benefits that a mindfulness/yoga practice can offer our youth facing so much stress, pressure and change in schools today. Many studies have found that yoga-based interventions in schools (elementary, middle & high) improved physiological cognitive performance. Research also points to increased physical and mental resilience to stress, amplified memory performance, a rise in self-esteem, improved attendance, & improved emotional regulation to just name a few.

Upcoming Events

October 7. Lifetouch Picture Day

October 13. 4:00-8:00. Parent/Teacher Conferences

October 18. 4:00-8:00. Teacher Conferences

October 19. 8:00-4:00. No School. Parent/Parent/Teacher Conferences

October 20-21. No School Professional Teacher Conference Dates

October 26. 5:30-8:30. Family Potluck, Native Pride Dance Performance, and s'mores at Upper Campus