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5 Steps to Creating an Effective Social Media Plan

A special webinar hosted by Kyle White

Don’t worry you are not alone! As a social media consultant, I help many clients that do not have the time or knowledge to manage their own social media accounts. Some of them did not use social media for marketing at all prior to contacting me. A majority of those clients sought out my advice when their traditional outbound marketing techniques were faltering. According to Hubspot, in their 2012 study, “The State of Inbound Marketing,” social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing. Today, with over 1.4 billion users on social media, it is crucial to have a strategy in place for your business.

Currently, I am the Marketing Director in Denver for, a proud Hootsuite Ambassador and Partner of Also, I am a Master’s Degree in Public Relations from Full Sail University with a planned graduation date of August 2015.

I understand that social media can be time-consuming, over-whelming and frustrating but it is important for your business. I have researched and developed social media strategies for startups, insurance agents, non-profits and real estate agents.These 5 steps will help any small business develop an effective social media plan:

1. Create Goals - The first step of a social media strategy is to create objectives and goals for the growth you would like to see in your business. I will further discuss how to develop SMART goals for your business.

2. Grade your social - Second, you must honestly grade your current social media and I will reveal tools to help you audit your current strategy.

3. Develop your content strategy - The third step in creating a social media strategy is to develop your content strategy.

4. Use analytics - Next you will use analytics to track your progress and reach.

5. Adjust your strategy as needed - And finally, adjust your strategy as needed. I will teach you how to apply Quantitative and Qualitative Measurement into your social media strategies. It is important to remember to not get locked into one strategy and to be creative.

You are creating your brand and persona; I am just giving you the tools to be successful.

I look forward to connecting and sharing my knowledge and expertise with you. Please join me as I discuss, “5 Steps to Creating an Effective Social Media Plan,” Tuesday, March 17, 2015 at 8:00 PM Eastern.

Tuesday, March 17th, 7-7:15pm

This is an online event.

5 Steps to Creating an Effective Social Media Plan

  1. Create objectives and goals
  2. Audit your current social media
  3. Develop a content strategy
  4. Utilize Analytics to track progress
  5. Adjust your strategy as needed

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