All about me!!!

For the past couple of years I have been interested in attending the University of Central Oklahoma for their Forensic Science academy; but throughout my capstone project interests are leaning more towards business management. For many years now I have been super ambitious to become a forensic scientist; but recently that ambition has turned to my passion for bowling and wanting to follow in my mothers footsteps to become a manager of a bowling center.

Job Shadow/Career Field

Being able to job shadow Tim Dooley at Brunswick Zone Watauga was a great opportunity for me to learn what is needed in order to be a manager of a bowling center. Being a manager at a bowling center comes with a lot of responsibility. You're the one person everyone counts on to keep the business running as well as being responsible for keeping up with the maintenance of the building and much more! Going through every step of a normal Wedneday night shift with Tim was very educational for me. I learned about several responsibilities needed to be a manger, benefits such as personnel development where Tim is able to rely on his staff to take care of his business when he is not available as well as downfalls to being a manager such as putting too much stress on yourself with your workload. Another benefit of being a manager, a longer retention with any company the bigger your salary will grow. On average a salary for beginning managers runs anywhere from $45,000 to about $50,000 per year.

Work Ethic Requirements

You must be able to:

  • Delegate tasks such as assigning certain job responsibilities to staff members.
  • Keep up with building maintenance making sure the cleanliness and trip hazards are always taken care of.
  • Communication skills/guest service is listening and understanding not only staff but guests as well.
  • Time management making sure that everything is done in a timely fashion.
  • Self motivation as well as be a team motivator
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Manager Positions

From lowest manger position to the highest in Bowlmor AMF:

  • Shift Leaders- oversee the operation of the hourly staff
  • Assistant Managers- oversee the operations of the daily business and handle any manger issues in the absence of the general manager
  • General Managers- responsible for overseeing everything within their bowling center
  • District Managers- oversee everything that happens in multiple centers
  • Regional Managers- oversee the district managers and their locations
  • CEO of Bowlmor AMF- responsible for the entire company
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Education/Training Requirements

The education needed to be a manager is a 2 year business degree.

The company typically likes to promote managers within the company already, usually starting out as an assistant manager for a period of at least 6 months and then promote from there depending on how well they see you doing as well as availability of manager positions.

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Bowling Fun!!!

Although people think managing a business is nothing but hard work and dedication. With that dedication to being a manager of a bowling center, it will allow you to strengthen your skills as a bowler and possibly give you the chance to make it into the PBA (Professional Bowlers Association). One of the greatest achievements you can ever have in bowling is a perfect game consisting of a score of 300, it's always fun watching bowlers reactions to shooting such a great score. Thank you for your time and enjoy this 12 time Team USA members 300 game!
Shannon O'Keefe 300 Game at 2011 World Women's Championships