Library Day K-2

January 19, 2016

Today is Library/Portfolio Day at the elementary school.

As you will see, the only posted lessons you have for today is to choose your best work from marking period 2 in writing and math, and add it to your portfolio.

In addition to building your portfolio, we are encouraging all students to take time to visit their local library.

You can spend your Library Day by doing one or more of the following:
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1. Visit Your Local Library

Take a trip to your local library and choose a new "Just Right Book."

2. Online Programs

Spend time enjoying one or more of the online programs specific to your grade level:
iRead, Dreambox, Brain Pop, Storia, Raz-Kids
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3. Write About It

In your writing journal, respond to one of the story starters below:

The weather outside is frightful....
The snowman was as still as a....
My goals for the New Year and Marking Period 3 are....
I was sledding down the biggest slope when...
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4. Start Working On Your Marking Period 3 Assignments

Get a head start on your upcoming assignments. You can also take time to set academic goals for the new marking period.
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5. Create a Snow Globe and Write a Story About the Scene

Materials: small glass jar, a plastic figurine, glitter, water, glue (hot glue or superglue work best)

Decide what you would like to put in your snow globe.
Glue, place, and stick your plastic figurine to the inside of the jar lid.
Fill your jar with water and add glitter—1-2 teaspoons.
Screw the lid on the jar. You can also glue the lid for safety!

That's it! Shake your jar or tip it upside down to make it snow! Finally, write a short story about your scene!