By Mark Santangelo

Globalization Analysis

Geography affects the way we live. We are affected by what the geography of a certain place gives us. Weather and climate affects where people live. If someone lives in Florida, they will be use to wearing shorts and T- shirts due to the hot weather. They will also be adapted to having hot weather and rain storms. However if someone lives in New Hampshire, they are going to be use to the cold weather and the snow in winter, while having warm summer days in the summer. Why people want to live in an area depends on why they want to live there. This can also depend on climate and weather based on a person's perspective. Depending how live is based on how good or bad the economy is.
If the economy is bad, the people will probably not live there due to low paying jobs. If the economy is good, there is good chance people will live there because of the well paying jobs.

Globalization definition

Globalization is the communication between different and many countries for trade. This however can affect four categories that fall under globalization, environment, culture, technology, and the economy. With these categories it can also affect the way how, where and why people live in the given/ specific area.

Pros and cons of Globalization

  • Culture
  • Pros - Opportunity brought to jobs
  • Cons- People have advantage with more higher, paying jobs
  • Environment
  • Pros- Genetically modifying seeds make growing much faster
  • Cons- Smog factories make air polluted.
  • Technology
  • Pros- Machines get the job done faster
  • Cons- Machines take more jobs away; less jobs
  • Economics
  • Pros- Provides jobs
  • Cons- low wages for some jobs.

Problems through Globalization

  • Environmental- Factories can create Co2 emissions and pollute the air
  • Technological- Technology, like machines for example, Take away jobs from the people who need it most
  • Cultural- The low wage jobs doesn't provide enough money for the people living in poverty who really need it.
  • Economic- Some jobs only give minimum wages, and cannot meet the needs of people living in poverty.

Solution to a Globalization Problem

There are many solutions to the following problems but I focused on the biggest one to me. Economics is a huge problem for some countries. The economy can sometimes not provide for every single person living in a given area. For people living in poverty, the economy needs to pay these people more and take some money away from the people who are getting too much money.

Globalization and me

  • Technology- I use different types of technology to keep in touch with people and make a job i need to do much easier.
  • Culture- Everyone on this planet comes from different types of cultures, that have been passed on. Each of us have unique traditions that are found under these cultures.
  • Environment- We all are affected by the weather. For example if it snows, they might have to cancel or delay school, make jobs stop for a day, which can affect the economy.
  • Economics- For a lot of us, we have jobs that pay us. These jobs give us the money we need to meet the needs of what we need.

6- Word story

Globalization is affecting me right now. This shows how important globalization really is. For example, When I was Writing this, I was using technology. Technology (computer) helped me get this job done much faster.Also the weather is affecting me. It is around 59 degrees out and We are not use to that yet (Oh, New England!)

Globalization and me in 15 years...

I feel like the economy, technology and environment would change, but cultural won't. The economy would change by minimum wages becoming much higher, less jobs being outsourced, and much more jobs here in the U.S. Technology would change by having more advance technology that can get more jobs done without taking people's jobs away. The environment will change by the ice caps melting more due to the CO2 and smog emissions. But culture will never change. It is who we are and nothing around us can changed that. It is passed down from years and years of ancestors and will never be lost.