Shepard Staff Updates

February 15, 2019

To Do and Thank You

To Do (New):

1. Keep making parent contact - it is the time of year when we need to encourage the positive behavior we see each day!

To Do (Rolled over from last week):

1. Make sure to update data in Edugence for any Tier 2 and Tier 3 students.

2. Please sit/stand with your grade level during FMA - it will help with crowd control.

Thank You:

1. Great job, 4th grade, waiting so patiently after FMA!

2. Thank you to EVERYONE who has covered classes/divided up and been flexible this week as we have been short on subs!

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Upcoming Dates

Week of February 18:

February 18: PDH day

February 19:

February 20: STAAR Mission Control all day

February 21: Kid Talk - AM; STAAR Training - PM (Kristin, Kate, Julie, Erin and Marieca out)

February 22: Kid Talk - PM

Week of February 25:

February 25:

February 26:

February 27: Kristin and Kate out AM for Principal Meeting

February 28: CMIT Day

March 1:

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