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In trouble with a civil case? You came to the right place!

In this brochure I will help guide you through common terms in a civil case so you may be able to better know the process!

Key Terms

Beginning Process

After the plaintiff hires a lawyer, they must write a complaint to the court. A complaint is a formal letter describing the case while naming the plaintiff and defendant in the case. Now the defendant receives a summons, which notifies them of the case and tells them the date to appear in court. This is where the defendant will file an answer to the complaint.

Discovery Phase

Now both sides go out to gather information on behalf of their side. Then they come together for a pleading to answer questions together. After that they have a pre-trial conference. This is just a discussion between both sides and a judge to go over the differences and trial.

Post Trial

After the verdict has been decided. If something seemed wrong, or you believe you were mistreated and it wasn't fair, then you may try to appeal the case. This will take it in front of a court of appeals federal judge and they will review the evidence once more time.