Golf Carts 'n Life Lessons

A Personal Narrative By Clayton Gdney

It was just a day like any other. Playing baseball in the world series. As we were walking towards the fields out from behind the parking lot, I heard a crash and a scream ahead of me.Now considering my brother was the farthest ahead ,i could probably take a guess of who it was.Fear rushed over me as i began to sprint.

I bolted towards the noise and discovered my brother, lying there, halfway under a golf cart.She was just lucky that he wasn't under the wheel.There was a woman ,who for some reason, was going really fast on the sidewalk.I mean the side walk of all places!Where about 100 people walk along daily!

I was in shock as my mother swooped in and picked up my brother.At that moment I wished I could have punched the woman and the 12 yr old with her in the face.I say the kid because the little brat could have something to do with her getting distracted.Thankfully it was JUST a concussion.But it left emotional scars on me, and my brother.

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