Alyssa Morgan

Milan Itatly

Getting There

imagine hanging out at the coolest places in Milan Italy. the population is 1.3 million and the capital in lombardy. the climate is medaterarian. and im going there for1 week in 2015. The flight cost $2,431i will be flying from Denver CO to Milan Italy.

Where to Stay

i am going to stay at the starhotels Ritz in Milan,Italy the hotels cost 136

history and culture

in 2001 milans big shot silvio berlusconi was pronoucned prime minster of milan italy


shoppin going to famous restruants check in to the hotel learn to speak italian take a tour wine tasting cooking class a bike tour.


one problem i would face is not knowing how to speak italian so i wouldnt know how to communicate with that person. my sulution would be before i go to italy i would take a couple italian classes so i could understand what the are saying.


my trip is gonna be so much fun and i'm so excited about going to milan and learning about all the different stuff.

About the Traveler

My name is Alyssa Morgan and i am going to Milan Italy because i always wanted to go there