Waterville Primary School

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Events for the week of October 17th-October 21st

Teaching Enthusiasm!

Our monthly theme and district focus for October is Enthusiasm! Below is a game that helps promote a positive attitude and enthusiasm that you can play in class with your students:

Pose the following questions to students. (This can be accomplished by group discussion or by smaller groups discussing together and then presenting to the larger group.)

• What is a positive attitude? If I have a positive attitude, what actions might I display? What does a positive attitude “look” like to others?

• What is a negative attitude? If I have a negative attitude, what actions might I display? What does a negative attitude “look” like to others?

Then say: Developing a positive attitude starts from learning to believe in one’s self. In order to believe in ourselves, we must first understand our personal strengths. In this activity, you will be considering and sharing your personal strengths.

Break students into groups of four. Write the below statements on a piece of chart paper for all to see, or have a “cheat sheet” at each table for reference.

You might choose to create a chart and draw a picture of each roll of the dice (for those who learn best from pictures) on one side and write the corresponding statement on the other.

Each student will take turns rolling the dice two or three times and complete the following statement upon each roll:

Roll a 1: I am thankful for…

Roll a 2: Other people compliment me on my ability to…

Roll a 3: Something I would like other people to know about me is…

Roll a 4: I feel really good about myself when….

Roll a 5: I am proud of my ability to…

Roll a 6: Something nice I recently did for someone else was…

Supplies: One rolling die for each small group. Alternatively, you can use a “cut out” cube and create it to look like a single dice, using either numbers one through six or the typical dots found on rolling dice. An easy cube shaped cut-out can be found at http://www.leslietryon.com/3dcolorcutout/cube.html

NOTE: If the group knows each other well, feel free to substitute questions that ask about the positive qualities of their peers.

Conclusion: Ask students why the statement for Roll #6 was included in this activity? Answers should be directed toward the fact that helping or “doing” for others often helps people feel good about themselves. And, when we feel good about ourselves, we often demonstrate a positive attitude that can be seen by others. Discuss with students how internal feelings have the ability to impact those around us. How might a positive attitude help us here at school?


Dates to Remember

Monday, October 17th: K. Pedro OTES pre-conf @ 7:40am

Monday, October 17th: Bucket Filler's Picnic with Principal @ 11:30am

Tuesday, October 18th: K. Pedro OTES obs @ 11:30am

Wednesday, October 19th: Jamie @ Primary Principal's meeting 9:30am-11:00am

Wednesday, October 19th: J. Imes OTES pre Conf @ 1:45pm

Thursday, October 20th: Doughnuts with Dad and Bookfair

Thursday, October 20th: Jamie @ Administrative meeting 1:00pm-3:00pm

Friday, October 21st: Doughnuts with Dad and Bookfair

Friday, October 21st: J.Imes OTES obs @ 10:30am

Friday, October 21st: K. Pedro OTES post conf @ 2:15pm

Friday, October 21st: Homecoming Parade @ 4:30pm

Monday, October 24th-October 28th: Right to Read Week and Red Ribbon Week

Monday, October 24th: J.Imes OTES post conf @ 1:45pm

Monday, October 25th: WPA mtg @ 7:00pm

Thursday, October 27th: Ambassador Trip to Heritage Inn @ 9:40am

Friday, October 28th: Halloween Parade and Parties

Monday, October 31st: C. Foore OTES pre conf @ 10:30am

Tuesday, November 1st: C. Foore OTES obs @ 2:30pm

Wednesday, November 2nd: GLC meeting @ 7:45am

Friday, November 4th: C. Foore OTES post conf @ 10:30am

General Information

  • Congratulations to the following recipients of AWEF Grants for the 2016-2017 school year (please remember to mail a thank you to AWEF-see me if you need the address):
  • Primary Principals: The Zoo Comes to Life $500
  • Robin Buffy: Sumdog Smarties $305.28
  • Pat Snyder: Science Lab $361.65
  • Dayna Ryan and Mariah Persinger: Reading Books and Quizzes $494.00
  • Start planning for your Go Noodle Halloween costume!
  • This year's Music program dates are:

    4th grade: November 10th at 7:00 and November 11th time at 2:00pm

    3rd Grade: December 8th at 2:30 and 7:00

    2nd Grade: March 16th at 2:30 and 7:00

    Kindergarten: May 9th at 7:00

    1st Grade: May 17th at 2:30 and 7:00

  • Please join us to participate in the Homecoming Parade! We will line up in the HS parking lot at 4:30pm. The Parade will begin at 5:00pm and end around 6:00pm. Once the parade is over I am looking for assistance in handing out materials about our levy prior to the start of the football game.

  • All Third Grade Guarantee (RIMP) and RtI paperwork will be completed and sent home by October 14th. We will meet as grade levels again and determine which students to RIMP and which to tier once all of our benchmarking diagnostic assessments are complete. In the meantime, you may begin interventions with students once you have received parent permission. Please begin progress monitoring once interventions start.
  • Nominate some of our gritty students and staff to display on our "Great Wall of Grit" in time for our Parent Informational Meeting

Reminder of When to Administer Quarterly Writing Assessments

We have encouraged our teachers to administer the quarterly writing prompts sometime during the last 2 weeks of each grading period. This way students have ample time to make growth and strengthen skills during comparable intervals of time. Please plan to have your student writing samples scored by our November 8th PD so you have data to discuss with your grade level teams and BGSU can assist with any questions or concerns you may still have.

1st Quarter: October 19th (writing prompts given sometime Oct 5-19)

Grades Due: October 26th

2nd Quarter: January 12th (writing prompts given sometime Dec 19-Jan 12)

Grades Due: January 20th

3rd Quarter: March 17th (writing prompts given sometime Mar 3-17)

Grades Due: March 24th

4th Quarter: May 26th (writing prompts given sometime May 12-26)

Grades Due: May 25th

Volunteer Work for Bond Issue

Please let me know if you are willing to volunteer any of your time after the Homecoming parade (before the football game) at the stadium on Friday, October 21st. I am passing out flyers and information about the levy and would greatly appreciate some volunteers to assist me with this!