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by: Ashleigh Bounds , Grace Phillips


It's a pure substance that is made from one type of a atom.

Silicon Si

Oxygen O and Hydrogen H

atom- Single unit of matter.


The Difference Between An Element And A Compound Is:

Element- A Pure Substance, On The Periodic Table, Written With Symbols.

Compound- A New Substance, Has Molecules, 2 Or More Elements, Chemical Change, Written As Formula.

One Example Of A Compound Is: H.2.0 And H.2.0 Is A Compound That Makes Up Water.

Molecule- Combination Of Atoms To Form A Compound.

Chemical Formula

H2SN4OFeAr6 6 elements in the formula

15 atoms in this formula

H = Hydrogen 2 atoms

S = Sulfer 1 atom

N = Nitrogen 4 atoms

O = Oxygen 1 atom

Fe = Iron 1 atom

Ar = Argon 6 atoms

Chemical Changes

The 4 Main Chemical Changes:

- Color

- Gas

- Liquid

- Temperature

How To Identify One Of The Changes Take Place:

Color- You See It Change From It Original Color To A Different Color.

Gas- You Can See And Look At The Object And See If It Is Evaporating.

Liquid- You Can See If Your Object Is Melting.

Temperature- You Can Stick A Themometer In The Object And See If The Temperature Rises Or Decreases.

What Happened When To The Two Substances When A Chemical Change Takes Place?

Lets Use Hydrogen And Oxygen. If You Put Them Together You Form A New Substance/ Chemical Change, And Hydrogen And Oxygen Will Make Water.