Sales Promotion

6 different types

Premium Item Give-aways

Something that is given away, especially as a gift or premium: A pocket calculator was offered as a give-away with every new subscription to the magazine.

This is a picture of a bobble head that was given away to certain ticket buyers.


Promotion where prizes are given out to one or more randomly selected people.

This is a picture of a sweepstakes that you can enter to get free tickets to a big fight.


Promotion in which participants compete for prizes by accomplishing something that requires skill.

This is a picture of a photo contest for brooks institute.


The introduction or promotion of a product by distributing trial packages of it.

This is a picture of a lady handing out samples at a grocery store.

Point-of-Purchase Displays

A promotion that is found near, on, or next to the checkout counter and previous the conveyor belt.

This is a picture of common Point-of-Purchase displays

Special Events

Special events help marketers build brand image and awareness for their products, as well as helping generate trade merchandising. Examples of special events include: Sponsorship, Ownership

This is a picture of the March Madness logo. You can easily see some of its sponsors below, and the NCAA tournament is a special event for sure.


Promoting through distribution of coupons to consumers

Here is an example of a coupon from party city.