Fogleman Flash

Classroom Newsletter: April

A Glimpse in the Room

We are wrapping up the year during this 4th quarter by taking another look at story structure. We will be reading nonfiction texts and looking for clues to determine if it has a structure of compare/contrast, cause/effect, description, problem/solution, or order/sequence. We will be reading a lot of nonfiction text, but we will also begin a unit reading the novel: "The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane." Here we will take a look at fiction story structure elements, as well as character analysis.

The 4th quarter unit in math focuses strongly on geometry. Students are reviewing and learning some new 2-D shapes and their attributes, as well as 3-D shapes. We are looking at how 2-D and 3-D shapes are related.

We will also be taking a closer look at how we can take a rectangle and divide it into columns and rows, creating equal-sized squares. We will use these arrays to begin exploring multiplication concepts.

Students are continuing to learn about animals, plants, and life cycles. This week students are using their research to create projects on our Life Cycles TIc Tac Toe Board.
Students are wrapping up their narratives and we are beginning our unit on persuasive writing. We started today by reviewing the parts of a letter. In the unit, students will be writing letters to a specific audience to try and persuade that audience into doing or thinking something of the students choice.