Be a cowboy or be a dud.

We need tough riders who like making money and riding hard.

What we need in a cowboy.

This person must be able to survive severe weather, heat, cold, rain, blizzards. They must have experience in riding horses and dealing with cattle as you will have to ride a horse for hours and drive my cattle to the railroads. You must be fearless for there are thieves as well as indians and wild beasts. It is also required that you have a little experience with taking care of small injuries with the animals. You will also have to be able to stay up at night to watch the cattle.


You might get to show your stuff while fighting thieves, beasts, and indians. Wrestle with cattle and ride wild broncos. Ride all day and then at night sit around a cozy campfire and sleep under the stars. Go ride and you will see cities and vast country. When your done you have pride and money. So come saddle up and ride.


On finishing this job you will have pride in what you have accomplished, money to buy whatever your heart's desire, you will have great memories and make friends along with gathering more experience. Travel from Texas to Chicago in the long drive on the open range.

Benefits and bonuses

Our very own well known 'cookie' will provide scrumptious vidles. That means no cooking for you. If the complete cattle count get to the railroads before October 1 there will be a cash bonus.