Lulu Stark

Photo Editor or Designer

Info about me



  • Outgoing
  • Energetic
  • Stylish

3 of my Hobbies

A song that decribes Me

Postcard by Brigdit Mendler decribes me because I like getting my hands dirty, and I won't let people keep me down.

Bridgit Mendler - Postcard (Lyrics)

Why I want to be a photo editor

I want to be a photo editor because I think it will be useful in the future. Also because it will new for me and fun to figure out how to make pictures better. I have little photo editing experince.

Why I want to be a Designer

I want to be a designer because I want to work the color schemes, and doing art with out haveing to draw instead I can just sketch it and add on to the sketch later. I have little designing experince.