Greek Gods Project/Hades

2nd Period


Hades is the god of the underworld. He was very greedy and was greatly concerned with increasing his subjects. He abducted his wife, Persephone, to live with him in the underworld. He was very wealthy from the medals he mined from Earth. He doesn't let his subjects leave the underworld because they have to suffer along with him no matter what. He wears a helmet that makes him invisible and he rarely leaves the underworld. He isn't the type to pity and he is overall a terrible god.

The Underworld

Hades rules over this wretched place making it even worse. The dead stroll around being pushed around by Hades. It is really a horrible place to be, but it's not like they had a choice, Hades won't let them leave. If I had a choice the answer would be quick and easy, unless Hades was asking.