Pygmy Raccoon

Critically Endangered: What can we do to stop it?

Some basic information:

The Procyon pygmaeus was put on the ICUN Red List in 2008. Their population range is between 323 to 955 individuals. They inhabit the island of Cozumel, off the Mexican peninsula of Yucatan.

Why are they going extinct?

This species is dying because:

  • Hurricanes are the biggest natural threat to this species because Cozumel Island gets pretty bad hurricanes and that hurts these animals.
  • Predators (like the boa constrictor and dogs) do not help the population.
  • Household cats and dogs spread diseases like rabies to them.
  • And their preferred habitat is being taken over by tourism.
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If the pygmy raccoon went extinct:

The pygmy raccoon helps spread seeds from plants. They also provide research subjects for scientists.
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This wouldn’t be happening if:

The introduction of the boa constrictor to the island really aided in the killing of the animal. And if the people would try to control their dogs to stop them from eating the raccoon's, it would help. And they have a hard time defending themselves because they are so small and all they can do is climb trees. Also they live in a very small range so they aren’t spreading the species to other areas.

People are trying to help them by:

Breeding programs have been developed and it is legally protected in Mexico. An Invasive Alien Animal Control Program has been implemented to stray, urban dogs and cats and needs to be spread to other animals like mice (who spread diseases) and the boa constrictor (a predator).

Also, how could anyone let this cute of an animal go extinct?

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