Come to Texas

Kennedie Ligons

This Place Is For You

Do you have debt? Do over pay for tax? Have you been wanting adventure or different things? Well, if any of these things are true for you then come to Texas.

What You Get For Coming

If you are a farmer you can get 177 acres and if you are a cattle rancher you can get 4428 acres. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE!!! It only costs 12.5 cents per acre in Texas, compared to the $1.25 per acre you have to pay in the United States.

What You Have To Do To Come To Texas

  1. Become a citizen of Mexico
  2. Become Catholic
  3. Follow the laws

What Texas Is Like

Texas is a luxurious land full of rolling prairies. We have the most fertile land you can find, for all you farmers/ranchers. Here in Texas the climate is mild.

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