Exercise for the Brain

Evidence that supports exercise is good for your brain!

The Brain

This portion of the brain is called the cerebellum and is responsible for the body's movement. It represents only a fraction of the total brain but it holds more than half of all of the brain's neurons (Jensen, 2005).


Exercise has been shown to increase the number of brain cells. Also it has been proven to improve how the body handles daily stress, releases dopamine, norepinephrine, and BDNF, which leads to more energy, improves mood and our ability to communicate (2005).

Exercise can be Fun!

"Exercise improves mood, social skills, and even brain cells!"

Playtime is Brain Time

Whether exercise comes through recess or through P.E. classes, playing games, playing in the neighborhood, exercise has countless benefits to everyone. Exercise does not have to be a dreaded event, fun examples include: jump rope, hopscotch, soccer, basketball, foursquare, tag, hide and seek, obstacle courses or relay races.

Get out there and improve your brains!


Jensen, Eric. 2005. Teaching with the brain in mind. 2nd edition. Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. Alexandria, VA.