Hammer Killer

Truck Zubair and Denis Newman

Blood Spatter

The Blood Spatter shows that Marisa attacked her husband with a blunt object. The cast off blood spatter shows that she was in control of the situation but according to her, she was sleeping when she was being raped and that it was self defense.
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Testimonial Evidence

Marisa was caught lying to police multiply times. First she said that someone else attacked her husband. Than she said that she killed her husband but it was self defense.

Her boyfriend testified that she told him about the murder and that it was planned. He also said that she tried to hire a man to kill her husband. With all these evidence and Marisa lying to the jury on multiple occasion, she was changed with first degree murder.


We believe that this was a planed murder. If it really was a self defense, she would not have to lie so many time and change her story. And there is no reason for her boyfriend to lie in his testimony.

If she was really being raped, it would have been a lot harder to kill her husband because he would have been in more control.