Newsletter January

Alexandra, Tyra and Brooke


This month we have learned many new things. We have finished the book La Llorona that is about a teenage girl who goes to a different country to play soccer, which happens to be her passion. There she encounters many strange events. The main event being that she was haunted by la Llorona. Also, we have gone over subjunctive and past subjunctive to further our grammar education and help us speak in proper Spanish. This month we have also taken the mid year, where we presented to the class about a city in Spain that we wished to study in and learn about. We also learned how to describe what we wanted in a room and a roommate while in our Spanish city. Lastly, we are currently watching a movie called Casi Casi which is about a boy who fell in love with a girl and to catch her attention he runs for student council.

Learn Spanish

La Llorona- slang for a person who cries a lot. The word comes from the myth la Llorona. The myth is from the 16th or 17th century and is about a woman who fell in love with a man, who wanted to marry her but woul not due to her children. The woman had 2 children that she loved very much but out of rage that they were the reason that the love of her life would not marry her, she took her children to a lake, and one after the other threw them into the lake, knowing that she never taught them how to swim, so her children drowned. Moments after, she realized what she had done, and overcome with guilt, she too had thrown herself into the river, successfully killing herself as well as her children. The myth continues on that la Llorona haunts women that have bad relationships and she advises them to break up with the boys so they do not make the same mistakes that she made, while at the same time she looks for her children going up and down bodies of water screaming "My children, my children, where are my children.

"Mistakes are proof that you are trying"-Unknown


This month, we have played many games that have helped us learn Spanish. This month we played bingo to help us understand la Llorona.

Matador bullfighting with... His Baby???

A Spanish bullfighter legacy name Matador Francisco Rivera Ordonez posed a photo of himself on Instagram along with his daughter of less than a year old fighting a bull. Matador is a very famous bullfighter, not to forget a fourth generation bull fighter, not to mention he was dubbed the David Beckham of bullfighting. He took a risk that could have easily ended his young daughters life. His only comment on Instagram was "She's the fifth generation of bullfighters in the family". The bullfighter claims that his father did the same to him, and he has already done this with his elder daughter, who is just fine. What do you think, is this father daughter bonding or is this taking it too far.

Month Overview

Midyears are finally over! But it was a stressful time! We had to make a presentation to present to the class about a place in Spain and why we would want to stay there along with a three paragraph paper. This month we have also one a lot with grammar. Overall it has been a very productive month!