Our Generation

Who We Are

We Are Both

Each generation is a unique group of people, sculpted and joined together by common environmental factors and circumstances. As the children of a generation grow older, they will inevitably develop a reputation; stereotypes, quick to attach and hard to shake, are the foundation of what we use to classify the different groups of people around us. Like all generations, millennials are far from exempt from this rule.

My generation has been labeled:

  • narcissistic
  • selfish
  • entitled
While also being called...
  • caring
  • creative
  • open-minded

So which view is accurate? Who are we as a generation?

That's the problem with stereotypes-- they can never accurately display the whole picture. Because, at the end of the day, we are both. We are a selfish, image based, and ungrateful generation, but we are also a kind, warm, optimistic, and overall lovely group of people. To deny one of these identities is to deny the other.

Hopefully, this flyer shines some light on the complex matter of millennials. In the end, I believe that the truth can always be found somewhere in between negative stereotypes and glittering generalities.


We are a creative generation who loves using our talents and insights to create new things and explore the world. We are interested in pushing the boundaries in order to discover who we are and what the world is like.
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My generation has grown up with technology, and as a result, is incredibly informed. We are knowledgeable on a vast variety of topics and are especially informed about topics we are passionate about.
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There is an infinitive amount of choices out there, and we are often unsure as the direction we really want out lives to go. We are stressed out, anxiety ridden, and worried about the future. As we plan for college and our lives beyond, we are desperately afraid that we will make a wrong decision.
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Priscilla Ahn - Lost


I think our defining quality is that we, like every generation, have potential. Individually, whether or not we fulfill that potential is up to each one of us. However, collectively, I believe that we represent endless possibilities.
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