Silicon Dioxide

Sand (SiO2)

Three uses of sand:

  1. Major ingredient in mortar, plaster, concrete, and asphalt
  2. Used as a filter to purify water and as an abrasive
  3. Molds used in foundries for casting metals made of sand with a clay binder

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Because of its chemical inertness, most common mineral resistant to weathering
  • Made of tiny, loose grains of rocks and minerals
  • Surface can vary between being smooth to frosted

Fun facts you probably don't know about sand:

  • The University of Hawaii did a study and said there was approximately seven quin-trillion five quad-trillion grains of sand on all the earth (7,500,000,000,000,000,000)
  • Astronomers have found that for every grain of sand there are around 100 stars in the galaxy
  • Sand can sing but only when the diameter is 0.1-0.5 mm in diameter and round, contains silica, and it must be a certain humidity