Small Animal Vet


Start off by taking as many math, science, and animal classes as you can in high school. Then get a degree that has to do with biological or physical sciences and keep a high GPA. Once you get your degree move on to graduate school to get your certificate. Lots of volunteering at vet clinics or animal shelters will help your chance of getting accepted into a graduate program.

Veterinarian's Job

A typical day of a veterinarian usually starts pretty early in the morning. Throughout the day they perform various tasks such as different surgeries, scheduling and handling appointments, giving shots and dealing with other illnesses. The average range of salary for this job is anywhere between $50,000 and $120,000. The median is about $82,000 a year. You can find work as a veterinarian in small and large cities but there is a better chance of getting a higher paying job in a bigger city.

Negative Aspects

Being a vet can be very stressful and it involves working long hard hours. Working with difficult owners can require lots of patience and having to put an animal down is can be very sad.