April Showers, Bring May Flowers!

New Quarter, New Incentives, New Start!

March was marvelous, but onto April!

This is the month that people LOVE to shop! Start planning now for an amazing quarter, and the folks at home office are making your displays bigger by introducing a brand new incentive program for all stylists! You thought that jumpstart for all was great? Wait until you get a load of what is coming! Read on below to see what is new for the quarter and how you can get the Fall line!

Book 2 Trunk Shows This Month!

Book 2 trunk shows THIS month and receive a packet of brand new Summer Look Books! Qualify these 2 shows by April 30th by selling $500 at each and receive a piece from the Summer Collection. I know that you can do this. Trust me ladies- scheduling work hours for yourself can be a complete game changer!

Kudos Allison!

Allison brought in just under $1k in sales this month with only one trunk show! She also managed not one, but TWO Starbucks stores having the world's craziest schedule! Did that stop her? NO! I am so proud of your for going out there and doing it, not letting anything stand in your way. You have the drive and are willing to do what it takes to see results- I Love it!

Orange County Meetup!

I will be going to the meetup this Monday, the 7th. If anyone wants to come with me, just let me know and you can come up with me! Click here: https://aprilocmeeting.eventbrite.com/ to reserve your spot so we know how much food and wine to have ;-).

We've got this!

This month, I have a very strong feeling that our team is going to grow BIG! If you find yourself thinking about someone being an amazing stylist, but aren't ready to sponsor- let me know! I would love to bring in your friends to our team. OR- if you want to be a leader, then let's chat! This really is an opportunity to thrive and I feel most people won't know that until she experiences it! Thank you all for being so wonderful! I am really looking forward to seeing where we can go by Hoopla!

Bree McGeachy, Lead Stylist and Loving it!

If you want to chat, just let me know. I am here to help YOU reach your goals and snag those dreams! I would love to create a plan for you and help you get there every step of the way!