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Lectionary-Based Playlist /Issue 57/May 2, 2021

"This is my commandment: love one another as I love you"

What does it mean to be in "RIGHT RELATIONSHIP" with others? Commandments 4-10 give us a pretty fair idea of how to do it!

One of the biggest factors in understanding our lives as disciples is to follow the Ten Commandments. Most of us have a fair idea of what they are and can apply them to our lives, but here are some facts you may not know:

  1. The Commandments known as the Decalogue are the first stage of God's law revealed to us.
  2. They prohibit what contradicts love of God and love of neighbor
  3. They were recognized by Jesus who tells us in today's second reading to keep the Commandments
  4. The first three are connected to love of God and the next seven are connected to love of neighbor.
In this week's issue, we will take a closer look at the seven that connect us to love of neighbor. As the "branches" referred to in this week's Gospel, our goal is to be fruitful and to reach out into the world, rooted and sharing the mission and love of Christ.

Journeying with St. Joseph

Learn more about St. Joseph during this YEAR OF ST. JOSEPH!

St. Joseph is venerated in both the Eastern and the Western Churches. This means that Christians around the world ask St. Joseph to intercede on their behalf when they pray. It also means they can look to the virtues that St. Joseph displayed in order to grow closer to God.

In the Eastern Orthodox Church, during his feast day, the following hymn is chanted:

Verily, Joseph the betrothed, saw clearly in his old age that the foresayings of the Prophets had

been fulfilled openly; for he was given an odd earnest,

receiving inspiration from the angels,

who cried, Glory to God; for he hath bestowed peace on earth.



Click on the link below for the readings that you will hear at this coming Sunday's Mass. This will give you a chance to prepare your heart and mind for full and active participation in Mass this weekend! For a Mass schedule in our diocese click on the gray button below.

Family Stories:

Do you love to read to your kids? These stories will help you apply this week's theme to other areas of life and connect the lines between our beliefs and daily life!

  • Living the 10 Commandments for Children by Rosemarie Gortle helps you to teach your child how to apply the Commandments to his or her life
  • What Are the Ten Commandments? (What Was?) by Yona Zeldis McDonough gives a historical context to the Ten Commandments; this is a chapter book for elementary-aged students
  • Ruthie and the Not So Teeny Tiny Lie by Laura Rankin. Helps young children understand why it is important to tell the truth and respect the properties of others

Parent Articles on the topic:

For Teens to Grow on their Discipleship Journey:


Below you will find "at-home" assignments if your child learns best through writing and completing worksheets:


How do you know when someone loves you?? Ask the question and invite your child to draw pictures for the answers!

FOR ELEMENTARY AGES: Ten Commandments Matching:

Answer Key:

FOR ADOLESCENTS: How are you living the Ten Commandments?

ALL AGES: Send positive notes to family, neighbors and friends who need to be reminded they are loved!


Do you listen to podcasts throughout the week? We will share episodes to help you embrace week's theme and be able to converse with your kids feeling more confident! We'll also share family listening skills from time to time!


Here we share ideas for personal prayer, family prayer and learning more about the ACT of prayer as a discipleship skill!

Try this Ten Commandments Prayer from It is a great way to remember the messages from each of the Commandments.


Are you or your child a VISUAL learner? We've curated some videos that help you understand this week's theme!
STEALING FROM GOD - The 7th Commandment, pt. 2 (The Ten Commandments, #18)
Venting or Gossiping?


Children learn through play; here are some ways for you to keep learning about the faith theme of the week in a "hands-on" way!


Print out some road signs to play with toy cars. How are following road sign rules the same as following God's rules?

FOR ELEMENTARY AGES: Try these Ten Commandments Games from Catechists Journey:

FOR ADOLESCENTS: Play two truths and a lie and connect it to what happens when we don't share the truth or bear false witness against our neighbor.


Great projects for you to create something together for quality time!



  • Create your own Family (or friend) tree using materials that you have! Pray for everyone on your tree!


  • Be a Pen Pal with someone you haven't seen in a while! Make a card to send to them and ask for one in return!


  • As a family, rewrite the Ten Commandments in positive language. Replace the “You shall not…” with a positive statement (“You shall…”). For commandments three and four, transform the phrasing into negative statements (“You shall not…”).

Wonder with St. Joseph

It's the Year of St. Joseph! We are shifting our wondering questions to look through the eyes of the Holy Family next month!

How do you teach the Son of God about love? He IS love! There is nothing more to teach. But I had agreed to help raise him, and as his foster father, I had a duty. So I taught him from scripture itself. How a good shepherd like God loves his flock – all of them; how God’s love means never being abandoned; how love means sacrifice and complete love means complete sacrifice. I didn’t realize the fullness of what I taught him from scripture, but he did! He helped us all realize it! And when he started having followers with him, he not only learned, but experienced the love of sacrifice in a very human way.

Parents – It’s amazing when we work to teach our children something, and then years later they show us not only that they understood, but learned more than we had taught. What teachings do you try to share with your children so they can have good lives?

Young People – We are all influenced by what happens in our lives. When we have friends who would do anything for us, we see ourselves as more valuable. How can you help your friends see how much they mean to you?



CAPITAL SINS: Sins that are the root of other sins and vices. There are seven capital sins: pride, greed, anger, lust, gluttony, envy and sloth which means to be lazy, NOT the animal! These vices are often called The Seven Deadly Sins or the Cardinal Sins.

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