Woodfill Elementary

School Counseling Program: December News

The 7 Habits

During the month of November students focused on Habit 2, Begin with the End in Mind. During the month of December, we will not be learning about one particular habit. Instead, teachers will be reviewing the importance of setting both personal and academic goals.

Keep sending pictures! Outside my office, there is a wall with the "Habits in Action." Please send in any pictures of your class or family exhibiting any of the 7 habits.

December's 7 Habit Focus: Goal Setting

This year I started sending home a calendar called, "Habits at Home" where families could incorporate the 7 habits in their homes. I've loved seeing your child/students turn these completed calendars in at the end of the month!

The Habits at Home calendar will look a bit different this month (Your child will receive it today). As we wrap up 2015, let's take some time this month to talk about goals for 2016. Each day our calendar will have a different conversation starter. Feel free to use this calendar as a way to get your family talking about the goals they have for 2016. Please initial any days that are completed and send in your completed calendars by the last day of school in December.

Below is a list of children's books you can read at home or in your classroom. These books are great read alouds for teaching children the importance of persevering towards a goal.


Sam's teacher wants him to set a goal...but his is much too hard! Please have your child/students write Sam a letter to help him! Letters are due December 16th.
Sam December

Students of the Month

Congratulations to the following students who were nominated students of the month for November!

Avery Hagedorn-Put First Things First

Josiah Richard-Synergize

Ravi Bassett- Seek First to Understand, then to be Understood

Jake Venneman-Synergize

Logan Weber- Put First Things First & Synergize

Savannah Haigis- Put First Things First

Classroom Counseling

Each month I teach a counseling lesson to each classroom. This month we focused on the following topics. As you may notice, there is a lot of discussion surrounding feelings. We are currently in the middle of an empathy unit and will be wrapping that up after December.

Kindergarten- Identifying comfortable and uncomfortable feelings such as happy and sad.

1st Grade-Identifying how people feel by looking for clues on their faces, bodies, and through the words they say.

Second Grade-Identifying a variety of feelings and labeling feelings as being the same or different from others.

Third Grade- Identifying similarities and differences between people and thinking about how people may feel when they are teased for being different. Also, identifying ways we can show compassion for others...even when we do not agree.

Fourth Grade- Discussing how people can have multiple feelings about the same situation. Sometimes this can cause conflict because people see things differently than us...but, we learned how to show empathy instead.

Fifth Grade- We discussed similarities and differences between people and how sometimes we may be more similar than we think. We also learned what the word prejudice means and how we can show compassion for people even if they are different than us.

Small Group Counseling

We have a variety of small group counseling sessions going on! The topics include:

-Stress Busters

-Salvaging Sisterhood


New groups will form towards the end of January. If your child/students need a specific group topic, please let me know.

Individual Counseling

At any time, students may leave me a note in my mailbox if they would like to talk to me. If you have a child/student who needs short term counseling support, please let me know.