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Emily Nash

Smore #1 What is Media Literacy?

Friday, Jan. 8th, 9pm

This is an online event.

What is media literacy?

Media Literacy is about people being able to use technology and sources such as social media, phones, computers and other various sources to communicate and expand the way that information is given to us. Media is everywhere around us. There is no such thing as not being connected. When you turn off a device you are still connected. Media literacy is something that can be able to send and receive information that can be allowed to enhance your understanding of something and be able to make you think outside of the box. Technology makes doing and sending things much easier. Our parents or their parents before them, had to grow up with not having these resources and technology. There are many people from their generations who are still trying to comprehend and grasp what this media is. With today’s society and the generations coming in the near future, they are more equipped to using media and understanding how it works. This is what they came into the world knowing. It may take a 60 year old man probably an hour to do something that a 4 year old or a 20 year old can do in 5 minutes. We have adapted to having technology almost control what we do. Literacy with the media can make us have to use critical thinking and be careful with how we word and say things. Once you put something on the web, it never goes away. It makes you think before making a decision; such as is what I have to say kind, is it helpful, is it necessary, and will this impact someone else or hurt them? With all sorts of media that’s out there, it helps individuals, religious groups, business firms, and others be able to connect and understand what can be going on around them without even having to move their body. It also helps people be able to send a message across to others, let them analyze and retain the information and then choose what they want to do with what they have received.

Smore #2 What Can I Do?

Child Protection is a very serious issue. Many kids that are being abused or neglected are less likely to tell someone else about what is happening to them. It’s up to us to let children know that it’s ok to report or tell a trusted adult that can help them with this abuse. If a child tells another child it will be less likely that the child can do anything about it or tell someone else because they do not want to get that child in trouble or themselves. What I can do is to make children aware of their rights, see the signs if someone are being abused or harmed in anyway. To let children know that they have a voice and should use it, if they are being harmed. Children think that love is whatever their parents say is right. However, a child doesn’t know real love if they are being harmed by the ones who say they love them. They can grow up to be the same or if not worse as the person who was conducting this traitorous act upon the child. We also have a voice to help those who are struggling and can help be a support system. Let children know they are worth more then they have been shown. Everyone deserves the right to live a fulfilling and loved life. Everyone should spread love within the community and be aware of their surroundings.

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Smore #3 Superbowl 2016 Commercial

In the commercial, “Drop the Balls”(2016), T-mobile tries to prove that Steve Harvey can get whatever is on the card right instead of messing up like he did in the Miss Universe Pageant and to proving that Verizon was wrong all along. Steve in the commercial points out all the balls that are falling from the pit that T-mobile doubled their LTE coverage, Verizon was lying and showing last years numbers, and that T-mobile is better then all other carriers. Showing the balls dropping from the pit to cover the three carriers, being compared, is showing they are better in all ways in order to degrade the other two carries and prove they are the best, so you should switch to T-mobile. The audience is everyone that has a phone and is not with T-mobile to switch over using a tone of misunderstanding and funniness to prove they were the best.
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Smore #4 Advertising's Impact on Society

When you see a commercial, you tend to see different types of people and situations depending on the product that the producer is trying to sell to the consumer. You may see women as a motherly figure, an independent woman, or searching for a man; a man who is either a fatherly figure, a masculine man that is toned and shirtless, or a man trying to pick up women; you even see animals. These are all types of ways that businesses within the advertising industry use people or things to try to draw the attention of an audience in order for them to purchase or use their merchandise. For instance, you have the saying that “sex sells.” You can see something sexual within almost any commercial because the opposite sex is drawn towards the other. This impacts society due to what each person is drawn to. We are all drawn towards the opposite sex, feeling with the emotion given in the advertisement or even drawn in by how the merchandise can change our figure or self esteem. Society always wants to change and make themselves look, feel, and have better. It’s almost a competition. We buy what we think we need not necessarily on what we want.

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Smore #5 Media Manipulation

The world of media and advertisements has become a tool of hypocrites and social control. The advertising industries use many tactics to control our opinion, behavior, and how to use our conscious and sub-conscious minds on what we can do and buy. A typical American will watch about four hours and fifty minutes of television per day. While watching television they will have seen about thirteen minutes total of advertisements within an hour show program. Out of those thirteen minutes, while watching the advertisements that have been played over and over again, what do you notice? Many people reference intentionally or not the lifestyles represented to us that catch our eye or what we may want as our lifestyle that we think best suites us. Advertisements manipulate society into buying what “we think we want” rather then what can actually benefit us and need to survive on a daily basis. Society is drawn to wanting more because there is always something better, bigger, and more popular. We as a whole want the newest thing. It’s almost like a popularity contest, to see who got it first. Does society really need these brand new things? You pick! The news is also advertising look and watch what some famous person did today, they hook you to watch the entire show and then show what they did the last five minutes of the show. When in reality it wasn’t that important. They show all the bad things going on in the world when you really don’t even see the full picture in the first place, only what they want you to hear.

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Smore #6 Should Apple Fix?

Apple should not fix the security code in the terrorist’s phone for the FBI to get information off of. As much as knowing who they were talking to and get further information, just because they will know what is going on doesn’t mean plans wont change or something else can happen. I’m glad that Apple is denying helping them because they have to think about the company and society as a whole. Freedom and independent rights is something precious that should be kept secure. If they were to make this security code to unlock any phone breaking the security wall no other phone would be able to not be broken into. It can be used for both good and wrong. It’s like ‘Pandora’s box,” once it exists there is no going back and it’s accessible to everyone. It is just one phone, this one time. However, who is to say something like this won’t happen again? How many more times will they need this to help them? Is freedom really not valuable enough that we have to give it up to help with our security? Our freedom already has limits. Is it worth it? No freedom is something that we have to keep our humanity moral.
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Smore #7 Agree or Disagree

I feel like I agree and disagree with what the government does. The government wants to have complete control of the people which is fine but the people should also be able to have rights of what they can and can not do. Like for instance, mating with someone. They should be able to have a kid and a family with the person that they love and not just so they can make kids for the government. They should have control if there is a huge society issue that makes it fearful for them to feel safe or they are being attacked by an outside force. However, they have most of them brain washed that they can't even think for themselves to be a normal human being and think, or react to something without the thought police or the telescreens having something to do about it.

Smore #8 Get it straight!

Smore #8 Politifacts

Emily Nash

1. With Obamacare, "You have no options .. you can't get competitive bidding."

Donald Trump on Sunday, February 21st, 2016 in an interview on "Meet the Press"

-When and where did he say it?

Palm Beach, FL (Meet the Press)

-What’s the whole story?

That is Trump really staying true to what he believes or is he changing due to the pressure and the heat coming in? Trump then came back with the mandate and stating that ObamaCare is too expensive and there is no competition and that he is not going to let people who can afford healthcare have to have it, it should be up to them and to those who can’t find different options that they can afford and be able to not die on the streets. He also goes into that’s how Republicans have it wrong is that people don’t have to have healthcare. That we are all people and should have the right. There will be more options and that you shouldn’t have to have healthcare if you don’t want it but can afford it.

-What must you know about this topic in order to make an informed and full position of your own?

You must know about all the other carriers and what ObamaCare has done for people who don’t have insurance because they can’t afford it or don’t have a job to try and support themselves. You also have to know what each carrier has to offer. You also have to know the numbers and rating of how many people do and don’t have healthcare. Of the said people who don’t have healthcare, who is working and just don’t make enough and those who don’t do anything to try to get to have it. See how society is.

-What are your thoughts overall?

My overall thought is that ObamaCare has been a real harm to the other health carriers such as Humana, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Alflac, Aetna, United Healthcare, AARP, MetLife, and ect. My mom works as an Agent Broker to have people have health insurance and to see how bad that it’s gotten because of ObamaCare isn’t good. There are so many flaws to people having their rates that they used to have due to the rates that ObamaCare has for those who haven’t been able to afford health insurance. I believe that you should be able to have healthcare and be able to decide if you want it or not. It is your life but I do agree if you can’t afford the rates that they have now to have better options but ObamaCare wasn’t the answer. You could make it not as expensive for some of them but these certain types of carriers have been out and available for a very long time. ObamaCare is something that we should get rid of.

2. China is "practicing how to blow up our satellites."

Marco Rubio on Thursday, February 4th, 2016 in a town hall in Manchester, N.H.

-When and where did he say it?

Thursday, February 4, 2016 in a town hall in Manchester, N. H.

-What’s the whole story?

For years, China has been pursuing technologies that can be used to destroy satellites, as well as things that we may need in order to keep moving forward. In fact, the Chinese destroyed one of their own satellites in 2007. It was known internationally and many were condemned they would do that to their own and could do it to other. While the United States and Russia have also been developing similar technologies, and in one case destroyed an actual satellite. However, these are also used as a “dual-use” technology. Therefore, it’s harder to tell what they are planning to do. “Ballistic missiles can destroy satellites – or they can be used legitimately for missile defense. And satellites themselves can be maneuvered to damage or destroy nearby satellites – or they can be maneuvered for repair or refueling.”(Hitchens)

-What must you know about this topic in order to make an informed and full position of your own?

Do a little research, see what actually happened and why they did it. Find facts. Also, see if the information that you have read is accurate.

-What are your thoughts overall?

I think that what he is saying is something that we should be aware of. For him, to have brought it up, is a reminder that there are still people trying to see how they can overthrow us or harm us in some way. Whether or not, we have done the same, as Russia and China, we should also not take it as something that should be looked over. If we aren’t aware and not alarmed we could go down. I think he did something good about mentioning this issue.

3. "President Obama took more money from Wall Street in the 2008 campaign than anybody ever had."

Hillary Clinton on Sunday, March 6th, 2016 in a Democratic debate in Flint, Mich.

-When and where did she say it?

Sunday, March 6,2016 in a debate in Flint, Michigan

-What’s the whole story?

Adjusting for inflation, Obama garnered about $3 million more than George W. Bush if you look at the broad "finance, insurance and real estate" sector. But using the "securities and investment" category, a tighter measure of Wall Street contributions, Obama clearly set a new record in 2008.Yet that record only lasted four years. Romney upped that ante by $5 million in 2012.

-What must you know about this topic in order to make an informed and full position of your own?

What the past is, who has been getting the money out and who has been using it, and how they have been using it. Also, see inflation rates over the years.

-What are your thoughts overall?

I think that if this is true, that’s not right and we shouldn’t be taking out that much money for finance, insurance, and real-estate. There is no reason that there should’ve been something bigger than any other president. I agree that it has to get worse before it gets better, however, that doesn’t mean to take out that much when we are still not getting better.

4. "In America, we pay, by far, the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs."

Bernie Sanders on Thursday, February 11th, 2016 in a PBS Democratic debate

-When and where did he say it?

Thursday, February 11, 2016 in a PBS Democratic Debate

-What’s the whole story?

When it comes to brand-name drugs, which yield the highest profit for the pharmaceutical industry, studies support his claim. Although not always on a drug-by-drug basis. The differences in price can be dramatic because the U.S. health care system is so splintered, and Medicare is prohibited by law from using its market share to bargain for lower prices. One study comparing the United States and Canada that found exceptions for generic drugs, where the profit margin is much lower and which make up a much smaller share of prescription drug spending.

-What must you know about this topic in order to make an informed and full position of your own?

You have to know most of the prescriptions that the most people pay for. We also need to see what is causing us to spend the money for said prescriptions. In order, to get a full estimate of what is going on with the U.S. and why prescriptions are the most we pay for then any other country.

-What are your thoughts overall?

I feel that we should be able to not spend so much money on prescriptions but at the same time if we didn’t have the prescriptions we wouldn’t have to be able to have said prescriptions that we need in case something does pop up. In my personal opinion, we take for granted that we have the capabilities to be able to have access to medicine when others may not have access.

-What did you find?

There is a lot that politicians or anyone going into the office will say to get the most popular vote from the people. However, they will most likely say brief or very broad things to be able to say to get the issue at hand and then end up trying to take it another route so they have leeway.

-Why is it important to research the legitimacy of the candidates?

It’s important because you need to know that the person in office will be able to rule this country and not just say something and not state the truth. Once they are in office they can try to do as they please. They try to get us to like them and then once they are given they know that they can do as they please. You have to check what they say to know who the best candidate is and who can actually do as they say they will.

-Do you think most people fact checks their candidates?

I don’t think that most people do a fact check. Most people will probably take their word for it. Unless they know otherwise that they are wrong. I think that people can be lazy and that they choose to have someone run their lives if it seems remotely like the way they think and believe.

-Can we rely on the media to tell us the truth?

Sometimes we can, we just may not get the whole truth. We just may not get all the information that was led in the story that was given. We need to be able to not be so lazy and check what we think is the right response. We need to see that what was said is true and if it is find other sources that can be able to help confirm that they are and reliable.

-What is the problem with not looking up the truth?

People will believe what anything is said if that is the case. We need to be able to have people that can tell the truth and be able to have the trust of the people. Otherwise there will be mass chaos.

Smore #9 Ain't Rebellion Fine

Smore #9 Ain’t Rebellion Fine

The Baptist War was originally a peaceful protest that went wrong. When rumors spread that the British planned to break the strike by force, the protest turned into n outright rebellion. Under the direction of a Baptist preacher and slave named Samuel Sharpe vowed not to return to work until they were awarded basic freedoms and living wages. Jamaica’s Baptist War ended with the deaths of over six hundred slaves including the leader, Sharpe, and a bloody uprising. In 1831 on Christmas Day, there were as many as sixty-thousands of Jamaica’s three-hundred thousand slaves went on a normal strike. It was a role of the missions that made it called the Baptist War. One hundred and six sugar plantations were destroyed causing $1.1 million in property damage. by slaves and a militia force organized by the planters suppressed the strike after ten days. There were two-hundred and one slaves when in reality there were probably closer to about four-hundred. About twenty-thousand slaves participated in this rebellion. Missionaries were arrested and hunting down any slaves that escaped for weeks after. The British and planters convinced them to lay down their revolt with promises of abolition. However, they were not met. They then hung three thousand four hundred and forty-four slaves that were the leaders. Many were punished by whippings. Only one year later, the British Parliament would once and for all abolish slavery in the British Empire.

WHAT makes these rebellions so powerful?

They are powerful because they try to change what is going on. If they didn’t they would probably still be going on and the future wouldn’t have changed. They were taking control of something that they felt unjust toward them.

WHY is it that people were inspired to act in the first place?

They felt that they were not getting the full rights that they deserve as humans. They felt that they deserved the freedoms as others do and to be able to have a life worth living without someone else controlling it.

WHAT TECHNIQUES did the activists use to gain participants in the movement?

They gathered and talked about it. If they all joined, then it was better to be able to have more of an advantage to be able to gain their freedom. However, they knew it wasn’t going to be easy. Fighting for what you want with anything, is never easy. You have to fight for what you want.

WHAT kind of uprising do you see in society today in the current political climate?

Same-sex-marriage or immigration rights. There are a bunch of topics that everyone has their own opinion towards. Many people still have problems with same-sex marriage. That it’s not right and against normal morals and against religious values.

Smore #10 The Government Wins Again

Smore #10 The Government Wins Again

Emily Nash

Winston Smith is a worker at the Ministry of Truth, he is responsible for propaganda and historical revisionism-rewriting old newspaper articles so that they support the party line. Smith is described as a “diligent and skillful worker,” however he believes of secretly going against Big Brother. Edward Snowden is an American computer specialist, a former employee of the CIA and a former contractor for the National Security Agency (NSA). He was secretly astonished by its massive surveillance machine and he then leaked some of the governments secrets.

Orwell spent his life being disgusted by intellectuals and state technicians, such as Edward Snowden, because he was sure that people like him would betray the rest of the people, people like us. Well, Orwell did not always get it right and in this particular matter there can be no doubt that if he was still alive and with us today, the “greatest political commentator of the 20th century” would more than likely be a supporter of Snowden because they both share similar thoughts and feelings. Even though Winston never had the opportunity to tell what he had discovered or thought, Edward did and jumped on any chance to be able to. However, they both had access to and came to believe that the job they were doing was no “ordinary job” but an extraordinary one.

In 1984, the citizens of Oceania are kept under close and careful surveillance by televisions. Citizens in every country in the world (excluding the U.S.) are kept under surveillance by computer screens attached to the internet. The NSA hopes its ability to monitor internet that can help eliminate chances for America to do this. This is why Edward released the information on it. Also in 1984, Winston is forced to hide in a little secret spot in his own home in order to write down his own thoughts. Snowden sits before a giant computer that are designed to collect and decode the world’s information by bulk. If Snowden was in 1984 he would be of the inner party members that were trying to find all the people that were going against the party, such as O’Brien.

Smore #11 Is Technology Sent From Heaven?

The world is more essential with technology and science because we have found ways to get things done quicker and faster than fifty years ago. We can communicate and send news faster to others. We can send a text message to someone and be able to receive it within a minute where as in the past you had to hand write a letter, get stamps, and then send it through the post office and then receive it a few days later and then read it and respond. Science and Technology helps us get more information on things that we may not be able to get on our own. It helps make life easier and will eventually become so easy that you can find anything at the touch of a button. Smartphones and laptops and watches are getting so much more tech savy. It is continuously changing and getting updated to the new best thing.

Smore #12 The Government Wins Again

I agree with Winston, however many people would rather have security and take away certain freedoms to have those opportunities. I do disagree because if we get certain freedoms, it should be freedom and not have others within our business, due to already giving up certain things. We can have freedom of speech, press, and other things but we have to watch what we say or have things bleeped if it has swearing or will be changed or not played if it is on a topic that others are trying to not be shown. Freedom comes with a cost. Nothing in life is free. There will always be a cause and an effect. There are people within society who don’t agree with Snowden because it was something that goes against the government and what we believe. When he let out the information of the NSA about how they have information on everything we do, it makes you think. Within one of the videos, we watched it talked about how we care about domestic surveillance within the country but we could care less if it is international surveillance trying to find outsiders who could harm us. I agree that if you had the information that Snowden had and knew it was wrong; you should let others know what is going on. That is also just the moral of humans that when something is wrong we have a gut feeling, whether we act on it or not it does happen. Freedom within this case was something that many people don’t take lightly, but they don’t realize that we give up a lot of freedom that we could have. Social media is a great example.

Smore # 13 Gas Lighting

Gas lighting is manipulating (someone) by psychological means into questioning their own sanity. Gas lighting has gotten popular by changing the subject of something. The gas lighter may divert the topic by asking another question, or making a statement usually directed at your thoughts. It can also be used to twist and reframe a statement made. When the gas lighter subtly twists and reframes what was said in their favor, they could cause you to second-guess yourself. Empathy is another good reason as to why this has become so popular. The people communicate well with people who empathize towards them about something they care about. Government, corporations, media, they all have the same goal. They are the puppeteers of America. They are the masters of manipulation, and they all profit from the gas lighting of America! After citizens are dumbed down, they can change your reality in order to benefit themselves.

Call it out. No one will let it be if it is something that is being pointed out to him or her repeatedly. Know your facts and know the truth about things. Do research. That’s how we can control what goes on.

Smore #14 Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?

Smore #14 Can We Autocorrect Humanity?

Part 1:

We do have an unhealthy relationship with technology. So many people are so attached to their phones and feel naked without having them. Most people sleep with or lie down next to it. We can stop being disconnected from the world by putting down the phone and being in human-human contact and not human-robot. This isn’t I-ROBOT, it’s the real world with humans.

If it’s an addiction you can’t control it. However, most people can control something, but only if they want to. Like smoking, for instance. Most people don’t quit because they say it’s “addictive” and “they can’t quit”. However, you know it is possible due to the people who want to live a longer life and have been sober for however long. It’s a choice. Only you can control what you and your body, mind, and spirit can do. No one can force you. You have to want to. For instance you know that social media can be controlled in how it’s used and for how long.

In order to not become a slave to social media, you should post positive, uplifting, and helpful things to others. Never put something out there that could harm someone else. I’d say have a certain time to get on and not check your device so often. Social media can be harmful when others roast on others and leave nasty comments. It is almost like cyber bullying but more through words. Most people wouldn’t say what was really on their mind if they were talking about that said person to their face, however we feel “safe” being behind a device. It gives us the relief of not seeing their reactions and not being able to actually stand your ground. If you have nothing nice to say don’t say it at all. Don’t let social media control you.

Part 2:

My views have deepened because social media is something that you can get caught up in. I could be on something for 5 minutes and I look back at the time and 45 minutes have gone by. It can be time consuming. It can also be a very good way to be able to connect to someone by watching a silly video on You Tube and sharing it, and letting one of your friends have a good laugh. Facebook is another way to stay connected, say happy birthday, see a video, or even post photos for your family. Most of my ideas and views are the same but social media can be both good and bad.

I learned how to write a précis, and annotate, most of the stuff we have done was on politics. I’m not a political person so I felt very uncomfortable trying to write so much about that. I am taking away mostly how to write my views down, and be able to express my thoughts.

It was different because we did a lot of extra work that I didn’t feel was necessary. Most of what we had discussed didn’t intrigue me. I feel that RATR was stupid and pointless. Reading 1984 shouldn’t have taken that long to do and the book that we wrote with our journal notes was a waist. It definitely made you think, but you did all that work for what?

Don’t take so long in reading 1984, don’t do that game again with 1984. I’d say make RATR extra credit. I like the group activities. I would say that some of the projects we have done online I didn’t get why we did them.