Wednesday Minis

September 23, 2015

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Lunch in Letters this week (remember to send a pic to
  • THURSDAY AT TERRACE: Kat and Justine 11:15 - 1:15

Shamrock!! #CUShamrock

  • Tabling sign ups
  • Get educated on PCAA (see Mom's announcement)
  • Drink at CTB all week
  • Thursday: post childhood picture
  • Friday: wear your T-shirts

Mixers: Thursday (TBD), Friday (Fiji), Saturday (Lightweight Crew @11pm)

Wine Tour on Sunday after chapter (chapter at 11!)

PRESIDENT Tarina DeRito (tmd228)

Dear Greek Community,

Order of Omega, a leadership honor society for members of Greek organizations, recognizes juniors and seniors who have exemplified high standards in the areas of scholarship, leadership and involvement within their respective organizations, campus greek life, and the local community. To date, over 500 chapters have been chartered throughout North America, each sharing the common goal of recognizing the student leaders at their institution. The Beta Upsilon chapter of Order of Omega at Cornell University recruits from Multicultural Greek Letter Council, Panhellenic Council and Interfraternity Council chapters on campus.

Order of Omega is now accepting applications for its 72nd tapping class. The application can be found below and is due on Friday, October 2nd at 11:59PM. We are holding Coffee Hours on Tuesday September 29th from 5pm-7pmin Goldwin Smith 142 and Thursday October 1st from 5pm-7pm from 5pm-7pm in Rockefeller 115 so that you can meet some of our current members. Requirements for consideration include current or previous office in a MGLC/IFC/Panhellenic chapter, a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, and continuing dedication to the Greek system at Cornell University. Thank you, and I look forward to receiving your application!

Beta Upsilon Website:


Allegra Terhorst

Order of Omega President

VP MEMBERSHIP Carson Denbow (cld73)

Hey ladies,

FMR excuses are due October 20th!! Send me an email with your excuse (

Also Recruitment Goes Live is October 23rd! This is an opportunity for PNMs to understand the Greek system better. They'll get to talk to individual sororities and better understand the mantra of each house... so let all of your friends know!


Much love in AOT and FMR,


VP OPERATIONS Jen Mandelblatt (jpm367)

Hi Everyone,

Reminder that chapter next week is at 11:00 a.m. so we have time to nom before WINE TOUR!!!!!!->->

If you're interested in running for council (which you totally should be because it's the bomb diggity) check out the position descriptions:

Thank you so much to everyone who has filled out the chapter excellence survey. I know there were some problems with the link but all should be good now:



VP COMMUNITY SERVICE Alex McClellan (ahm236)

GIGANTIC WHITE ROSES TO EVERY ONE OF YOU! Great job of promoting and being so pro-Shamrock, everyone!!!!! Seriously you are all killing it (Marissa Contento, I see you).

Make sure you know about PCAA before you come to Shamrock
  • Please watch a quick video about PCAA (and be proud!)
  • Check out the Enough Abuse Campaign, which is an initiative PCAA has partnered with to help end child abuse that is being implemented right here in Tompkins County!

We still need...

  • *NEW* tabling sign ups
  • Donations to @Brooke-Wilson-7 for our raffle basket! (Think of what would happen if everyone donated $1...). You can alternatively donate something for "College Town Commute Essentials"
  • You to order an Apple-y Ever After at CTB with your friends! IT IS SO DELICIOUS.

Sisters who are setting up, we will start at 5:30 PM on Saturday. If you can, meet at the House to bring stuff over!


VP PUBLIC RELATIONS Maple Chen (mc2227)

thanks to everyone who signed up to quartercard on friday! if you're interested in chalking, shoot me a text at 724-989-7765 - i will likely do some chalking tomorrow (thursday) night, but you are welcome/encouraged to chalk on your own too :)

don't forget, there is THURSDAY lunch in letters at Terrace with Kat and Justine from 11:15-1:15!

#CUShamrock, buy our drink, #tbt tomorrow, etc etc etc

unfortunately, our geofilter did not get approved by snapchat, but like... try submitting stuff to campus story???

peace, love, IWFM,


VP STANDARDS Madeline Miceli (mrm333)


I need THREE more sobers for the wine tour on SUNDAY!! Please please please let me know if you are available. I will be choosing sobers from the sober pool tomorrow night. Remember, the sober pool works based on a body for body switch system. This means if you are chosen, you are responsible for finding a replacement.

Also check out the free flu shots at WSH from 1-4pm on friday! Cold and flu season y’alllll also pumpkin spice lattes so yum!


PANHEL DEL Josselyn Tsai

Panhellenic Exec applications will be released on 9/25! Stay tuned and if you are interested in running -at all- let me know!

Lastly, for all you runners out there.......

Phi Sig Sig has their "Covered in Color Run" 5k on Saturday, Sept 26 12pm @ the Robinson Disc Golf Course located behind A-Lot on North Campus. All proceeds benefit the Kids in Need Foundation and Practice Makes Perfect. Registration:

AXiD has their "Step it Up" 5k for Autism Speak on Saturday Oct 3 12pm @ the F.R. Newman Arboretum at the Cornell Plantation. Registration:

Theta has their 5th annual "Jog for Ingrid" 5k on Saturday Oct 3 11am @ the Arts Quad. All proceeds benefit the Bonnie J Addario Lung Cancer Foundation. Registration:

Her everyone! There is a new Panhellenic Calendar on the website. All events will be posted there from now on!

Link here:!calendar/c7c8

Also, the Go Greek Campaign Application closes soon!: Apply Here Deadline Sept. 21

Lastly, let me know if you are planning on running for Panhell exec and want to speak to someone on Panhell!

Appointed Officer Announcements



If you haven't paid Vicky T or your captain for the alcohol please do so<3

Love love love


SENIORS - Please check your e-mail for some important information regarding senior housing. You have been given (another) informal poll asking how you would like the spaces in the house allocated. Please complete this by Friday! Thank you all for your patience!

AOT - Ren



YoOoO happy fall!! the leaves are turnt and you can be too



Mixer with FIJI at 10pm

Theme: Sports are SICK (jerseys, pinnies, foam fingers, the whole 10 yards! (heh))


POST-Shamrock celebration with LIGHTWEIGHT CREW (location tbd)

@11pm so you have time to help clean up shamrock and change out of letters!!

RIDES from Schwartz and the House. Don't forget to SIGN UP!

EVENTS CHAIR Elise Czuchna

Hey Ladies! Wine Tour is this Sunday!! I need everyone to put their name down if they are able to attend! Please try and get this done by tonight. As for your dates, you have until Friday to provide their names and netID's.

The schedule for the day goes as follows:

Abridged Chapter at 11:00 (this will be short and sweet)

Sisterhood brunch at 11:30

Board buses at 12:30 (this means that you should tell your dates to arrive at the house at 12:00, because if they aren't on the bus at 12:30, then you're dateless)

Arrive at Catharine Valley at 1:30

Leave winery at 3:30

Be back to the KD house by about 4:30

Some Guidelines:

Please please please please pace yourselves. We have charter buses scheduled for Sunday, so the buses are actually quite nice. If you throw up on the bus, one of your sisters has to clean it up. In addition, we'll have to pay a large fine that comes out of the Formal budget, and you'll have to pay a $50 fee to Kappa Delta. This means, though, that you should also make sure your date paces him/herself. Because if they vomit, that's still money out of our funds. We will have barf bags, just in case, but please try to be on your best behaviors. Just try and keep it as classy as possible.

If someone needs to go home, we all have to go home, or the individual who needs to go home will have to call a cab and pay for that trip out of pocket. The winery is really far away and it’ll cost an ungodly amount of money. That’s just another reason to pace yourselves.

The owner's rules:

Do not bring outside alcohol (leave it on the bus)

Grounds are returned to original state (we clean up after ourselves and keep the grounds neat. Failure to do this will result in another outrageous fine that comes out of Formal budget.)

Do not go down to the lake (he doesn't own this property and, again, he'll fine us. And apparently the lady who owns the lake property is crazy and will call the cops)

Also, you can participate in wine tastings if you so choose (and have the proper identification), but that will have to come out of pocket. I really wish I could pay for y'all's alcohol, but I can't. National's rules.

I really want you guys to have fun! I know it seems like there are a lot of rules but I think we have the potential to makeSunday really awesome! It's the first time we're really trying a KD organized wine tour so it's definitely an experiment, but I'm really hoping you all enjoy yourselves! I'm really excited!