Taking Better and Editing Pictures!

Independent Study by Jacqueline Durand

What was my main goal?

I was targeting how to take better pictures in general and I also wanted to go deeper into editing pictures in Photoshop. I learned some about Photoshop last year, but I wanted to learn a lot more!

Blurring pictures

100% clear picture into...

a blurred picture

another example

Not only Photoshop can allow you to blur images, but also an app called Touch Blur. This app gives you an option to blur multiple sections of an image. Photoshop only lets you blur one part or section of the image.

example of an image using Touch Blur

Removing blemishes and/or unwanted marks on someone's face in photoshop

This is done by using the "healing brush" tool.

Example of taking away freckles/blemishes/red spots

Color Splash in Photoshop

Color Splash allows you to change the color of multiple parts of your picture. (black and white and bright colors are often used with this effect)

An example of color splash

Neon Filter

The "filter" feature allows you to make your image look totally different. One filter called "water color" gives the effect of making the picture look like it was made with water colors. The filters I used were "neon glow" and "stamp" filter.

Stamp Effect example

This has the "stamp" effect, which is done in Photoshop CS6

Red Eye fix example



How to Take Better Pictures of Pets using my iPhone 5!

The three major things to know when taking pictures of your pets are good lighting, make your pet pose like sit or lay down, and get down to your pet's eye level.

My dog's eye view level and good lighting

My dog posing, good light, and her eye level view

Both of my dogs posing, and good light

You may not realize how different the quality of a picture would be if you didn't use these tips...


Color Replacement in Photoshop

Top 10 tips

Tip #1

Use the rule of thirds often

Tip #2

Don't let your subject be the only thing in the picture. Let other objects surround your subject or just include other subjects.

tip #3

Capture your picture from the height of your subject for a better turn-out.

tip #4

Include Interesting Reflections. From mirror reflections to water reflections, it makes a difference in your picture.

tip #5

Tilt your camera for a more dynamic look in your pictures. You can tilt it to the right or to the left.

tip #6

Always experiment with your angles and lighting. I used a low angle and used the height of my dog.

tip #7

Add filters


Always make your camera focus on the subject.



tip #9

Always make your camera focus on the subject. (sneaker zoom)


tip #10

Include shadows


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