Ariel camera pilot

Joseph Resendez P.4

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Why is this career interesting to me?

This career is interesting to me because i have never heard of this before and i thought that Filming and flying a helicopter would be fun.

What are the activities this person performs?

flying the aircraft which shoots aircraft sequences as well as any aircraft which appears in film. Also works alone side with the director to create his vision.

What trade school/college can i attend to pursue this career?

You need a commercial pilot's licence granted by a civil aviation attorney. And be able to fly in as many different locations as possible. Most even have some military training.

What is the salary range for this job?

The average salary range for this job is about 46,000 a year. This can increase greatly depending on company, location and experience.

To whom does this person report to?

Reports to the director, works along side.