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Tyler Larkin: Computer Apps Period H Semester 1

Collaborating with Google

In this assignment we worked with partners to learn how to collaborate in google. We learned how to touch base with one another and how to share and edit documents at the same time. We collaborated well as a team and got the work done which is why I think we got a good grade. This could be useful for the future whenever I'm making a document with multiple people and we need to talk.


During the lottery assignment our objective was to spend almost exactly $200,000 without going over. We had just won $200,000 in the lottery and we had to spend it all, overall i spent all 200k. So I think I did well with this assignment because i did all objectives and even saved a bit of money.This could show me a little bit on how to save money when i'm older.

Computer Purchase

This Microsoft Word document was about buying a computer for under or exactly $800. The computer i bought was $749.99 so I had leftover money. I did good on this assignment mainly because I can justify my reasoning.

File Management

During this course we were expected to keep all files neat and secure in folders. I don't think I did too well on this because usually when I saved my documents I never selected a folder. I had basically just sorted all documents when this assignment came up

Budget Project

Managing my budgets for my future self was quite easy. I had to make sure I had school stuff figured out and also my life outside which i solved by getting a job. My money increased and so did my budget

Citations with Online Tools

During this I already knew how to cite which made this interesting because i mostly knew what i was doing and had little trouble doing so. Not only did i still have help with this assignment but i helped others as well.


Overall this course was fun and I did pretty well with it and I'm happy i learned new things while being able to talk to friends in the process. It was a great year and i could suggest this easy class to anyone. It was probably my least boring class because of my friends and the interesting topics we discussed during the year. I can use the information I learned in this class to help me in the real world because of the new things I discovered such as the collaborating with google, if i ever need to work on an assignment for college and I have a partner this is what i'll use.

Tool I Used

I picked S'more because i never used it before and everybody else was and i was correct on it looking easy because the website made it look professional and nice.

Reflection Paragraph 1

In Computer Apps, The goal in the Collaborating with Google assignment was to produce a Google Slides on Google Drive. Prior to completing this task we studied how to share and talk on Google Drive. To complete the task we received partners and worked together to complete it.

This Task represented an opportunity to demonstrate proficiency in the following ISTE standards 2 Communication And Collaboration.

Reflection Paragraph 2

This assignment required me to show communication and cooperative skills. After using the rubric to evaluate my work, I effectively used teamwork to get the task done. The researching aspect of the assignment was challenging. When confronted by these challenges again, I will plan out my work to improve my performance.

Reflection Paragraph 3

This performance task is different to other assignments because we are part of a group and worked together. It challenged me to collaborate with other classmates. I will use these skills to work with people in the future on other possible assignments.
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