Thursday's Thoughts

February 8, 2018

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Continue to use Clorox Wipes and Lysol every day. Leave your doors open at the end of the day and turn your heat down. :-)

In order to help with the spread of lice, please spray your rugs, chairs, etc., with lice spray periodically. Also, make sure students are keeping their coats in their bookbags or cubbies. We have pony tail holders in the office if students need to put their hair up. Let's do all that we can to keep lice away!

Guided Reading Groups

Let's all continue to stay the course with our guided reading groups. This is the optimal way to grow children as readers. Remember that our children need consistent, repetitive instruction in order to truly learn. Make sure you are implementing the phonics piece and sending books home for students to practice their reading. Let's all push to grow our readers in the coming weeks!
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CGES Writing Plan

I cannot wait to see the impact our writing plan is going to have on our writers when it has been taught year after year. The success of our plan lies in every teacher and grade level following their grade level's plan. Remember that the writing plan is your grade level's standards. Not only are your students counting on you, but the teachers in the next grade level are as well. If you need help with writing or would like to visit Pam's classroom, please let me know. We have the best resources right here in our building. Let's lean on each other to grow as teachers.

Writing Wall of Fame

We have so many students who are becoming quite the writers. We are going to create a Writing Wall of Fame in the front hallway. If you have student writing that is worthy of being displayed on the Wall of Fame, please send it my way. I want to celebrate our writers for all of their hard work!

We will have visitors in our building Friday and next Wednesday. Mr. Havird will be in our library Friday with all of the Teachers of the Year, and the reading coaches will be here Valentine's Day. :-)


Students in grades 3-5 will have a paper copy of reading passages this year. They will still answer questions on their iPads, but will be able to have a copy of the passages to mark up if needed. This is something new, and students will need lots of practice with reading a passage and then answering question on the iPad. As you finish units, create your assessments using this format so that students will be familiar with this when they take SCReady in May.

If you would like to give to March of Dimes, please send your money to Reggie. No amount is too small!

Math King and Queen

I know you have noticed the second graders walking around with their crowns on this week. Students who master their facts are being recognized as math kings and queens. What a wonderful way to encourage students to know their facts!

Mr. Cody Dysart

At the end of this school year, Cedar Grove will change as three amazing people will retire. It is hard to imagine our school without Carol, Debbie, and Dee. We love them so!

Matt and I have been interviewing for our PE position for the last three weeks. We recommended Mr. Cody Dysart this week to join us for the upcoming school year as our PE teacher. While he won't be recommended to the board until the May board meeting, I wanted to go ahead and let you know since I am sure the news will begin to travel fast. Cody graduated from Erskine with a sports medicine degree and then went back to Lander to obtain his PE certification. He married Marlee Rhodes, a Williamston girl, and is living in this area. He played baseball with Sam at Erskine and is looking forward to joining our school. :-)

Sandra Goff

Sandra Goff will be with us February 22nd. She has a ton of great ideas. If you would rather her model a lesson for you rather than talk with her about ideas, please let me know. If you feel that you are benefiting more from talking with her during planning, please go ahead and send me what standards you would like for her to be prepared to discuss with you. I want us to get the most out of our time with her.

Next Week's Colt's Customs Focus: # 1 and #4

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We love you so Mrs. Dorriety! You are the best school counselor EVER!

Valentine's Day

I know our children will be excited Valentine's Day. While planning for next week, find ways to celebrate Valentine's Day through good, meaningful activities that will be exciting and educational at the same time.
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Great idea to get kids excited about books!


We had some feedback from the district office nutrition services manager about our breakfast in the cafeteria. There is no threat of it going back into the classroom, so don't worry. One concern that he discussed with me is that we cannot make students go through the line to get a tray in order to place food on our share table. If students do not wish to go to breakfast, they do not have to go. Please encourage children to go to breakfast if they would like to have something to eat or drink. Please do not have children to go to breakfast in order to get a tray and not eat one thing on the tray. We want our students to eat and keep the items that are safe for snack if they would like to do so. We have a lot of students who are taking items off of the share table, so it is helping to feed those that are hungry at lunch. Thank you for helping us to move it back to the cafeteria by encouraging your kids to eat. :-)

Comp Day

Our comp day is February 19th. If you did not earn the comp day, but wish to take it off, please talk with me. There is a technology offering on this day if you did not earn the day and want to attend.

Upcoming Dates:

Feb. 9th: Mr. Havird in the building with Teachers of the Year

Feb. 12th: Reading All-Stars begins (Please encourage your students to do this!)

Feb. 14th: Reading coaches in the building (Happy Valentine's Day!)

Feb. 15th: 5th grade student survey portal opens

Feb. 19th: Comp Day (If you did not earn the comp day but are taking the day off, please let me know).

Feb. 21st: Donuts for Dudes K-2

Feb. 22nd: Donuts for Dudes 3-5

Feb. 22nd: Sandra Goff during planning

Feb. 23rd: Fire Drill