Crush the STAAR

STAAR is coming soon!

And we know our students will CRUSH IT!

As you know, we would like to motivate our students during lunch Monday through Wednesday by drinking an orange Crush soda to get pumped up to crush the STAAR!

It's amazing what the soda does to motivate our students! I had the opportunity to see them get excited and more confident to show their work and put more effort into solving their test.

Our goal is to collect 550 cans of orange Crush Soda through donations. So far we have 252 cans, which means we have 298 cans left to reach our goal! That's the equivalent to 25 (twenty-five) 12-packs and we know that with your help we will reach our goal!

F.Y.I. 12-packs of Crush are on sale at Walmart for $3.33! If i'ts more convenient for you to donate money, feel free to take $5 to Ms. Taborga by Friday so we have an opportunity to go buy the soda (and hopefully catch the sale).

Thank you so much for all you do for our students to be successful!

Thank you for donating!

Ms. Wells

Ms. Quiles

Ms. Harris

Dr. Garcia

Mr. Jaramillo

Ms. Taborga

Ms. Dyer

Ms. Rivera

Ms. C. Hess

Ms. Dominick

Ms. Kloby

Ms. Tucker

Ms. Binion

Mr. Pizarro

Mr. Pettijohn

Ms. Mondragon

Ms. Iwasko

Alicia D. Iwasko

Campus Instructional Coach, 2-5 Math

Annie Web Blanton Elementary, Accelerating Campus Excellence

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