The Mid- Atlantic States

By : Sarah Miller

Geography notes

If you are looking for some major bodies of water then you came to the right place the Mid-Atlantic region has many bodies of water such as Verginia beach, Vergina ; Chesipec bay, Maryland ; Lake Ontario ; Lake Erie ; Ohio river and most importantly the Atlantic ocean
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Major landforms

If you are looking for good seniry then you are in the best place. The seniry in this region is very interesting. One of the very interesting areas is the Adirondack and Catskill mountions in New York. It covers the eastern third of the state. That is New York's major landform. Their are many other major landforms in these states but I can't name them all.
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Winter is nice and brisky, so if you are looking for some cold then come in December then you will have an awesome time sleigh riding your day away! If you are looking for some heat to get a tan and get some pool action in before the time is over then you need to come in mid-June then you will have the best tan everyone will think that you look so tantastic! . Okay, Okay, I know you want to know when the really nice wether is like spring and fall well that is coming your way. Fall is nice but sometimes it can be a little nippy and in the spring it is nice but a little on the hot side. So you would have the best weather in the fall so thats when you want to come.
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The population of the Mid-Atlantic states

Their are not as many people as you think in these states but there still are a good amount.
In New York it is populated with 8 million people
in Pennsylvania there is 13 million people
in New Jersey there are 9 million people
in Maryland there is 1 million people
in Delawhere there is also 1 million people
and in Washington D.C there is also 1 million people
so that is a total of 33 million people in all (rounded)

If you are a city girl or guy then you are in the right area and also if you are a country person I still think that you will fit in quite nicely.

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Natural wonder

Have you ever had a natural wonder I know that I have. I picked one, and that is the Gettysburg Battle feild. I picked that as my natural wonder because the war of Gettysburg took place there. This was made a tourist attraction because this was a civil war. Now there is a touring area so if you are interested then you should check it out. It is in Gettysburg, PA.

Economy Notes

If you are looking for something to munch on while you are doing work then you came to the right place! The Mid-Atlantic region is full of nice helthey foods such as corn,wheat,milk (Not treated with artifitial grouth harmones) apples,bread,eggs,pumpkins,blue berries,rasberries,tomatoes,letus,cabbage,crab,fish,mushrooms,onions,carrots,paper,
coffie and lumber(wood) and many more!


Where are these fine products well they are in farms,factories,paper mills and steel factories need you so come on down to the Mid-Atlantic states we have the best food that you will ever try.

Farming (Agriculture)

If you are looking for foods that are not proceed then you also came to the right place. The Mid-Atlantic has many foods that are healthy so if you are on a diet then you came to the right place because some of the main crops are Wheat,Corn,Berries ,Tomatoes and all sorts of lettus!

Geography of peoples work

If you go to work in the morning on part time or full time then you are in luck we don't have many sharp turns but there are many hills, you just need to mainly watch out for animals so a tip for you is don't make roadkill. If You like sleigh riding then you have found your dream home as I said their are many hills in the Mid-Atlantic states so I would get sleigh riding in while you can.
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Tourist attractions

New York,

New York has a total of 8 million 500 people It has many shopping centers to amazing skyscrapers and you know when someone lays their eyes on something they always have to buy it. New York has the largest skyscraper in the world (legaly) it is super fun to tour and is super high up

Mid-Atlantic Unique foods

If you want to try something different then you are in the perfect place but there is a lot so I won't make you be here for a while

*Beef on week sandwich

*Garbage plate

*Pizzellias-italian wafer cookies

*Brookland bialys

*Hoagie,Dogwood italian sandwiches

*Ruben sandwich

*Honeycomb toffie sponge candy

*Senate bean soup

*New York cheese cake

*Manhattan clam chouder

*Shoefly pie

*Cornell chicken bbq

*New York egg cream

*Speedy sandwich

*Devils food-cake (red velvet) Expensive 100 dollars a cake

* Philidelphia cheese steak

* and last but not least a whoopee pie

If these don't sound very convincing to you don't judge a book by its cover

What was the land named after?

What was the land named after you ask well here are your answers!

Delawhere: Named for Thomas West, Baron De La Warr and early governor of Verginia

Maryland: Named for queen Henrietta Maria, wife of king Charles of England

New Jersey: Named after the isle of Jersey, one of Englands channel islands

New York: Named for James, Duke of York Clater king James 2 of England, who captured the territory in 1664

Pennsylvania: Named for sir William Penn, father of the Quaker leader granted the land in 1681

Washington DC: Named for Gorge Washington and Christopher Colubus

Their is your answer!

State Animals

If you are an animal lover then you came to the right place if you are interested then you can see the state birds and the state fish.

Delawhere: Blue Hen Chicken, Weak fish
Maryland: Baltomore Orial, Rockfish
Pennsylvania: Ruffed Grouse, Brook Trout
New York: Blue Bird, Brook Trout
New Jersey: Eastern Goldfinch NO BIRD
Washington DC: Wood Thrush NO BIRD

The End

I hope that you love the Mid-Atlantic states why don't you come on down soon and see how you like it!

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BY: Sarah M