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HELP with Lesson Plans...

I sent shout outs to several doing a great job, please remember to update these on a weekly basis and update changes in schedule. They do not need to be super lengthy (and I know things come up and change, which is perfectly fine and understandable), but they need to be current, relevant, and used to guide your teaching...You might check with others if you need an example. I can show you some examples if you are interested. Just don't wing it and end up teaching about "fairy tales"! HA!

PLC's....Coming up!

  • data wall (NWEA) this week please
  • Big 5 - something to think about (for next year)....If it is important enough to say we would consider not sending them to the next grade, at what point in the year should they all be assessed at least once?
  • Spend time on Big 5 each week and creating new assessments for the next week...some grade levels have those in the plans, good idea.