by connie campbell

free write

who is your best teacher mine is Mrs. dill because she helps me to pull up my grades

and then she helps me through struggles in her class such as my grades and how can

I pull them grades up and I thank you Glenview for hiring Mrs. Dill to be a teacher at

Glenview and I could not thank you anymore for doing that Glenview.

a letter to a friend

dear tianna , for my birthday I want you to go with me to my birth day party and to shopping with me and some other stuff such as buying new shoes but they are more then this but I was just asking you see if you want to come........

what i eate for breakfast

I eaten a bowl of fruit and I draink some water and orange juice that was the best food .

an a pic of a letter that says thankyou for our milatery

thank you