HoBo Culture

By: Hailey Waymire & Drew Morris

Daily life bruh

We, the Hobos, live a pretty simple life. We dress in whatever clothing we can find, usually jeans and a coat. Our food is in the lovely dumpsters of restaurants. We find an assortment of half eaten burgers and day old fries. Sometimes there is a few of us who dance more than others, even though it is part of our culture that we must dance once a day after sunset. We have a varied selection of sports we play, it consist of, Shopping Cart Racing, Dodge The Rat, and The Drinking Games.
I now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry: the wedding reception


Representative Democracy. We, Hobos, select a hobo leader to make decisions for us. He doesn't make ALL decisions, he has to take it up with some of the higher HoBo Government Officials.