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Is Adoption By Same Gender Parents Right?

Adoption by same gender parents isn't good for the children because children need a mother and a father in their life and its not the same to have 2 moms or dads.

Background On Same Gender Adoption

Many same gender couples are discriminated against. Currently some adoption agencies don't let same gender parents adopt children. Some agencies don't let same gender couples adopt children because of religious views. Some adoption agencies don't let same gender couples adopt children because they just believe 2 people of the same gender trying to adopt a child together isn't right. But some adoption think about the child and how the child will benefit from of it and the disadvantages of having 2 mothers or 2 fathers.

Matthew Coles, a lawyer for the ACLU who represented the four men, noted that although Florida bans gay men and lesbians from adopting, it does not specifically exclude unmarried people or certain applicants who might pose a serious threat to children, such as substance abusers and people with a history of domestic violence.

This could affect the children badly because they're not being protected by these type of things which results in this.

clinical reports of psychiatric disturbance of children with homosexual parents,

This proves its bad for the children because it creates disturbances and problems that the children wouldn't have had if they were in a household with a mother and father.

Gov. Robert F. McDonnell (R) is expected to sign the legislation. He has repeatedly said that faith-based organizations should be able to make their own policies. "This measure will chisel into law the principle that people of faith can adhere to their convictions without fear of reprisal from those who would discriminate against their religious beliefs regarding how we should raise our children," said House Deputy Majority Leader C. Todd Gilbert (R-Shenandoah).

This proves its bad for the children because some children might be faith based and end up in a home that doesn't support their religion causing conflict with the parents.

The lower court said that there is no constitutional right to adopt children and that Florida has a legitimate interest in encouraging adoptions by families with a mother and father.

This proves it's better to be in a two parent home with a mother and a father in the household.

The appeals court noted Florida's claim that the law is part of a broader adoption policy "designed to create adoptive homes that resemble the nuclear family as closely as possible."

Some children may want to be in a home with a mother and a father but if some adopts them who has two mothers or two fathers it could cause possible problems with the child because the child doesn't understand and is really confused which causes the child to act out.


Some people might say having two mothers or fathers is better for the children like for example "Musselman, 45, stayed home with Logan for several years, and the boy is now a straight-A student who enjoys soccer and has friends galore. They warned Logan from the time he was small that some of his friends might find it strange that he has two dads instead of a dad and a mom. Thankfully, they didn't." like how this situation the outcome was good but it could create problems in the long term because the boy will be looked at as the boy with two dads and he will be looked at differently.
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In this photo this couple is holding their adopted children. The oldest child doesn't look happy at all he looks upset like he doesn't want to be with them.
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In this photo the child looks fine but image how the child is growing up without a mother and later will ask questions like why do I have two dads and where is my mom at. This child could grow up confused wondering why he doesn't have a mother and why his family is so different from others.