The Russian Ballerina

by Annah Lee

"Alll is beauty and poetry in her dancing." - leading dance critic Rene Sirvin says. Svetlana zakharova is the most admired ballerina of her generation. Zakharova is the idol of many young dancers around the world.

The Beginning

Zakharova was born in Lustik,Ukraine on June 10, 1979. From a young age, her parents could tell that she was born to dance. At age ten she auditioned for Kiev Choreographic School and was accepted in. After studying there for six years, she decided to enter into the international competition for young dancers. She won 2nd place. That was only the beginning of her future career.


She moved to the Marrinsky theater at 18 where she performed some of her first professional ballets. Including:

  • The Dying Swan
  • Maria
  • Medora
  • Masha
  • Giselle
  • Bride
  • Queen of Dryads
  • 7th waltz and Mazur
  • Sleeping beauty
  • Le Corsiare
  • etc.


Many young dancers dream of becoming a prima ballerina. They practice and practice their hearts out just for some dream. to become a prima ballerina you MUST practice. Its mandatory. Also you may want to go audition for some ballet schools just so you can get advice from the best of the best teachers. Svetlana started dancing at 6! She worked and worked to now ,36 and the prima ballerina she dreamed of.

Thoughts of the future

Zakharova says she still a student and there is always room to learn more. Zakharova knows that one day this dream she lives will be gone someday. "I hate to think that one day i will have to hang up my ballet shoes permanently. Always make the best of it because one day it will be gone in a flash." All in all, Svetlana Zakharova has proven to become a talented, humble, and well rounded dancer.
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