The Accomplishments (and mess ups) Of This Year

A Little Summary

The Year 1997 was highlighted by iconic movie releases, a.. somewhat important president's inauguration for his second term, and a Nobel Peace Prize winning International Campaign to ban land-mines. It was also the year that I and some of my greatest friends were born. Although the year may not look very significant right now, I believe it will be the producer of excellent world leaders. We are an age of change, diversity, and creativity that strives for more and more.

1997-Mason Jennings

These lyrics might blow your mind, or make you feel like you lost brain cells. Either way, Mason Jennings had some reason for writing such an "out of this world" piece.


Cell Phones

Look at this thing, it's pretty ridiculous. But in 1997, it was quite incredible. A phone with no antenna? That was better than sliced bread.

Delta 2 Explosion! Sounds Interesting, Right?

On January 17th, 1997, a rocket carrying a GPS satellite for the United States Air Force exploded 13 seconds after take-off.


Things We Didn't Have In 1997

Here's a surprising fact: in this day and age there was no such thing as Google. The people of the world actually had to wait a whole year before that happened. The Xbox had yet to come out. The MacBook, iPod, and iPhone had quite a ways to go before they appeared. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.. All not a real thing, at the time. It really is an incredible concept to think about.

A Popular Song From The Year (You should recognize it)

R. Kelly - I Believe I Can Fly

Inventions Of 1997!

So, what do you think? Was 1997 A Great Year Or What?!