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Sept. 4th 2020

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Welcome Back!

Welcome to the 20-21 school year! It is almost here! It was so nice to see many of you during our "Meet The Teacher" days this week and last week. Please note that any time during this process if you have any questions, please call or email any of the staff members listed below or your child's teacher. We will continue to monitor any updates as we move forward.




Please have a safe and healthy Labor Day Weekend! School begins on Tuesday, September 8th. Below there are several reminders we thought might be useful for our families.

Meet The Teacher Days

Calendar Of The School Year

Please click here for the 20-21 school year calendar. Note that we may need to make adjustments to this calendar for second semester or January.

Elementary students will be in class Monday through Thursday each week. An exception is Friday, September 11th, elementary students will be in session.

Bus Routes

ALL students that are riding the bus, must be pre-registered with Two Rivers Buses. Due to capacity limits and creating bus routes, only those students registered can ride.

Click here for all the bus routes with locations and times.

Student Medications

Any child who requires medication at school, must have proper paperwork on file.

Here are the forms we use:

Non-prescription form

Prescription form

Please make arrangements with Jacque in the school office to drop off any medications.

Access To Buildings

We are working diligently to create a plan that will keep all safe during this time. Until we are directed otherwise, students and staff will be the only persons allowed in our buildings this includes dropping off, pick up, volunteers and other visitors. You may make an appointment to have a virtual connection with our staff members. They will also be reaching out to you as well!

Face Coverings

For the health and safety of all, face coverings will be required upon entering and throughout the building. Face coverings not only protect the students but also staff members.

Each student will be provided two cloth face masks. Please have your child practice wearing a mask. Students will be given face covering breaks throughout the day when they are in the outdoor setting.

Daily Routines

  • Students arriving in the morning will report directly to their classrooms. Please see below for procedures for arrival and dismissal.

  • Special teachers (art, music, and guidance ) will Zoom in the classroom with in-person support from the classroom teacher weekly.

  • Phy-ed will be part of the recess rotation and use outdoor learning spaces when possible.

  • Students will be given two scheduled recess times outdoors (weather permitting) with their classroom teacher.

  • Playground areas will be divided into quadrants for each classroom.

  • Student breakfast will be provided daily for those interested students.

  • Lunch will be in the classroom for a 30 minute lunch period.

  • Students will still have morning milk along with snack daily.

  • Morning snacks must be individually wrapped. Birthday treats are fine if they are store bough and individually wrapped.

Student Drop Off and End Of Day Procedures

Drop Off: 7:30-8:00

1. Bus students will be dropped off on the 11th St. side of the school. Please DO NOT use this area for student drop off. These times have not been finalized yet.

2. Parent drop off will be the front entrance as well as the 12th St. side of the school-Door 6 only. These areas will be monitored by staff members. Parents, please do not exit your vehicle rather have your child exit on the passenger side.

3. Walking students can enter the front entrance or 12th St. side as well-Door 6.

4. 4K students will be bused as well to the 12th St. 4 K entrance-Door 5. Please do not use this entrance.

5. Only students and staff are only allowed in the building. Please do your part with social distancing and say your goodbyes away from the building entrances.

End Of Day Procedures: Departure will begin at 2:45

1. Bus students will be dismissed as buses arrive. Once the bus is loaded it will depart.

2. Parents, please talk with your students about which location you would like to pick up; either in front or along the playground on 12th St. Students A-M will begin being dismissed at 2:45. This will allow siblings to be dismissed together. Last names N-Z will start dismissal at 3:05. Please do not park in these areas until 3:05 if you are the second wave. If you are picking up multiple children with multiple last names, please talk with your child's teacher about which pick up time you prefer.

3. Walkers will be dismissed at 3:00.

4. 4K students will be bused at the 4K entrance-Door 5. This door will not be used for K-4 students.

5. Only students and staff are only allowed in the building. Please do your part with social distancing and be patient with this process. Thank you!

E-Learning Students

Please see below for access to e-learning teachers.

Kindergarten: Rhonda Stenzel email: rhonda.stenzel@trschools.k12.wi.us

Grade 1: Felicia Boknevitz email: felicia.boknevitz@trschools.k12.wi.us

Grade 2: Brenda Carle email: brenda.carle@trschools.k12.wi.us

Grade 3: Joanne Graff email: joanne.graff@trschools.k12.wi.us

Grade 4: Brooke Stahl email: brooke.stahl@trschools.k12.wi.us

School Picture Day

School pictures will occur in Spring. Please mark your calendars for March 10th! Watch for more information later in the school year.
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