What Causes Stress

Stress is the response of your body and mind being challenge. The four General types of Stress is Major life changes, catastrophes, everyday problems, and environmental problems.

Major Life Changes and Catastrophes

Major Life Changes- Failing a Grade, Breaking up with Boyfriend and Girlfriend,having A serious illness and learning that your adopted.


Everyday Problems and Evironmental

Everyday Problems are minors. Sometimes there called Hassles, like losing your keys or having to much homework or disagreements in family. Environmental Problems are conditions in your surroundings affect level of stress. Major stressor that occurs is noise.

How Stress affects your Body

How to recognize stress

Behavioral Changes- Overeating or not eating, Reckless behavior and Hurrying.

Changes in thinking- unable to concentrate, negative thinking and Self-Criticism.

Physical Changes-Headache, Skin rash, Pounding Heart and Muscle tension.

Emotional Changes- Angry,Nervous, Impatient and irritable.

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Stress and Pesonality

Stress can be Good and Bad. Good stress is Optimism, Bad is Pessimism. When you try to be perfect it's called Perfectionist. To bounce back from stress is called Resilience.

Coping with stress

Mental rehearsal, you practice an event without actually doing it.

Time waster are Playing video games, Texting, not having a plan and Day dreaming

Have time in your day to do Physical activities and Relax.

Biofeedback is when people learn how to Control body Functions easier.