Noah McBee

Whenever I got home from school.My dad gets a phone call from our neighbor saying that he skimmed my dog from shooting a 20 caliber pistol.Me and my mom went outside to find her our dog Sherman also went out there with us.We could not find her so we told Sherman to find her. Sherman led us to and I could not tell if she had bullet holes or not because there was trees in the way so we ran around.

When I got to her all I saw was pain and suffering and I started crying so hard and ran to my mom and told her that she was shot four times.She told me to get dad so I ran to the house and told him about it. He got into his truck and drove over there and I was still crying.My mom said that she was going to call the police because its illegal to shot a dog for no reason but my neighbor had a cattle and if somebody has a cattle they have a right to shot a dog for chasing cows.

My dad just said to put her in the truck and take her to the vet.I went along with him.The vet was about to close so my dad called them to wait until we got there.We got to the vet and he said that we have to put her down.They put a shot in her and she died.My dad told me that the reason why we had to put her down was because she was suffering.That day on Thursday and crying for over two hours was the worst day of my life.

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