Panther Press

for the Week of Sep 17 Plus

Reminders from the Principal

Make sure you are reading the Panther Press each week and planning accordingly. Visit the Google Classroom to ensure you know when things are due. Lesson plans are due Sep 21. The Sep 21 submission must include the 2nd Unit Assessment for the 1st Nine Weeks. These due dates are non-negotiables. If you have not done so already, make sure you have noted the due dates. The full lesson planner calendar is on the Google Classroom.

Grades must be updated every week. A minimum of one grade a week is required by the district. If you have read the lesson plan template, one assignment per week is supposed to be designated in your lesson plans to be included in your gradebook. As we progress through the year, this will be something we begin looking for when we compare lesson plans to gradebooks. Something for you to consider.

The administrators will be checking lesson plans each time they are turned in and just as explained by Ms. Carroll in faculty this week, we will be focusing primarily on the standard and learning target for the first nine weeks. However, if your lesson plans are not complete, they will be sent back to you to complete.

When completing your lessons plans, make sure you denote the assignments/assessments that will be entered into the gradebook. These assignments/assessments must be connected to standards. If it is not connected to a standard it should not be in the gradebook. This is a district requirement and at least one assignment must be entered each week. A copy of your lesson plans must be posted in your classroom. The Advisement Lesson Calendar will suffice for Social Development Skills.

The forms for submitting Parent Contacts is in the Google Classroom. Make sure these are up-to-date. It is the expectation that parent contacts are entered when they are made not at the end of the nine weeks or days/weeks/months later.

All teachers will be required to administer a minimum of four assessments every nine weeks: two before progress reports ans two after. The two Unit Assessments count towards the total minimum assessments required: One unit assessment must be before progress reports and one after. Plan accordingly so that required RTI activities can be completed prior progress reports and report cards going home.

I need to remind ALL staff members of a couple of things: 1) all staff members are required to remain on campus during the work day unless they have permission from an administrator to leave (teachers must sign out in the front office and classified must clock out), 2) All staff are responsible for electronic communications and items shared through the google platform. A copy of the current staff handbook for HMS will be going up in the classroom next week. We will be adding additional documents as the year progresses. I did not read my email or did not know how to access the google folders is not an acceptable excuse.

Important Reminders for the Week of Sep 17 Plus

Sep 17 - Admin will be checking for Lesson Plans Posted in Classroom

Sep 17 - Timecards approved by 3 PM

Sep 17 - HMS Volleyball vs Minor & Rudd @ Minor

Sep 18 - North Jefferson Women's Center to meet with 6th Grade Science

Sep 18 - Faculty Meetings in the Conference Room

Sep 18 - HMS Cross Country Track Meet vs Fultondale @ Black Creek Park

Sep 18 - HMS Volleyball vs Bessemer City

Sep 19 - American Fidelity to meet with new teachers

Sep 19 - HMS Volleyball @ Erwin vs Erwin & Fultondale

Sep 20 - PLUS Team Day 1

Sep 20 - HMS Volleyball @ Bessemer City

Sep 20 - HMS Football vs Jasper Middle @ HHS (1 game; starts at 6 PM)

Sep 21 - Lesson Plans due by 3 PM through Google Classroom (Sep 24 - Oct 5). 2nd Unit Assessment for 1st Nine Weeks due

Sep 21 - Grades posted by 3 PM

Sep 21 - EducateAlabama Step 2 Due Complete by 3 PM

Sep 24 - Timecards approved by 3 PM

Sep 24 - HMS Volleyball vs Erwin & North Jefferson @ HMS

Sep 25 - No Faculty Meetings

Sep 25 - 1st Walkthrough - ALL teachers, ALL class periods are subject to observation

Sep 25 - HMS Cross Country Track Meet @ Corner High School

Sep 25 - HMS Volleyball @ Chelsea vs Chelsea & Westminster

Sep 26 - MEDC in Conference Room

Sep 26 - Tornado Drill 6th Period

Sep 27 - HMS Volleyball vs Bragg & Minor

Sep 27 - HMS Football @ Bragg

Sep 28 - EducateAlabama Step 3 Due - Self-Assessment - Instructions will be posted to the classroom by Sep 21

Sep 28 - Grades posted by 3 PM

Oct 1 - Oct 5 - Homecoming Week

Oct 1 - MEDC in Conference Room

Oct 2-5 - Girls Inc Presentations: Bullying - 6th Grade Purple - See Google Calendar for rotation

Oct 2 - Faculty Meeting in conference room

Oct 2 - Jefferson County Cross Country Track Championship @ North Jefferson Middle

Oct 2 - Monthly FBLA Meeting

Oct 3 - Fire Drill - 6th Period

Oct 3 - Monthly FCCLA Meeting

Oct 4 - Tailgate Lunch - Details to come from Ms. Wallis

Oct 4 - Homecoming Pep Rally starting around 1:30 PM

Oct 4 - HMS Football vs Rudd @ HHS Stadium

Oct 5 - Panther Pass Popsicle Party

Oct 5 - Lesson Plans Due by 3 PM in Google Classroom covering Oct 9 - Oct 19 including 1st Unit Assessment

Oct 5 - End of 1st Nine Weeks

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