VCR Lesson 1 Presentation

Allie Debe

Fill in the Blank with the Correct Word from Lesson 1

Since she was a child, she'd always walked in ____________ of the Brooklyn Bridge, but she hadn't ever crossed it until she turned sixteen.
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The Word

propinquity (n.)

1. Nearness; proximity

2. Kinship

The Roots

"prope," which comes from the Latin preposition meaning "near"

"propinquus," which comes from the Latin adjective meaning "near" or "neighboring."

  • also means "closely related," explains the definition, "kinship"
  • word when given the dative case means "akin to," which is defined as "of similar character" and "related by blood"


Definition 1

  1. closeness
  2. nearness
  3. proximity

Definition 2

  1. affiliated
  2. related
  3. consanguinity


Definition 1

  1. distant
  2. remoteness

Definition 2

  1. unrelated

In Which Sentence is the Word Used Correctly?

  1. Her propinquity made her father see the benefits of skipping school that day as was able to show him the laundry list of things she had to do this week as opposed to last week.
  2. Although one propinquity of water is that it freezes, water does not have the ability to skip condensation when it melts.
  3. The marriage of their siblings brought the two enemies into unwanted propinquity, and they were forced to tolerate each other for the good of the family.
  4. Propinquity determines the amount of activity present during sleep.

The answer is #3.

In this sentence, the word means "kinship," which is expressed through the context clues related to family such as siblings, marriage, and family.

In sentence #1, the word would make sense if it had the same meaning as juxtapose (using the noun juxtaposition).

In sentence #2, the word would make sense if it had the same meaning as property. However, it doesn't, so #2 is incorrect.

In sentence #4, the word doesn't make any sense at all as it has no relation to proximity or kinship.