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December 2018

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Picture Book Challenge Completed

We celebrated Picture Book Month in November. Many students earned rewards for reaching individual reading milestones. We needed every day of the month, but we finished strong and met our school-wide goal of reading 4,000 picture books! Our mystery picture came alive as students put stickers on the poster for each book they read (see above photo). It was fun to hear the students speculating on what they thought the picture was going to be! Students enjoyed checking out the staff's favorite picture books as well as discovering some of their own new favorites. Way to go, WE students and staff! Thank you to Chick Fil A and Reinert Wealth Management for partnering with us and providing rewards for the students who reached the individual milestones.

Students Recommend Picture Books

First Graders Enjoy Holiday Cookies

Cookies was the theme for the first grade library classes last week. Our first read aloud was The Christmas Cookie Sprinkle Snitcher. After the Christmas Cookie Sprinkle Snitcher strikes again, disaster threatens the village in the form of naked cookies until Little Nat ventures out to teach the real importance of Christmas and cookie sprinkles.

Our second read-aloud was Christmas Cookies: Bite-Size Holiday Lessons by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. It is a charming book of life lessons for kids with a holiday theme and a focus on the act of baking cookies. Our students learned many new vocabulary words with this book like perseverance, charitable, reciprocation, traditions, and sharing. The best part of the lesson was getting to sample cookies at the end of class! Finally, students took the recipe for cookies that was included in the Rosenthal book home with them. It is included in the link below. Enjoy!

Research databases easily accesible from home

Many research projects happen at Wanamaker during the school year. Did you know that your student can easily log into the PebbleGo and Explora databases while researching at home? PebbleGo is a database specifically geared toward the needs of K-3 learners. It helps your student learn foundational research skills plus provides early-reader support like audio voice overs and text highlighting.

Our school subscribes to the following four content areas of PebbleGo: Animals, Science, Biographies, and Social Studies. The PebbleGo link can be accessed on the WE website or the WE Library website by using this Log In information: Username: Wanamaker Password: Read. Help your student give it a try--they will love it!

Explora is a database that is appropriate for all ages. It is a simple search that provides relevant and reliable information from articles, essays, and primary source documents. Students can easily navigate the interface, and it has many helpful features such as audio voice over, a citation tool, and a filtering tool to help find information on a certain topic and reading level. Students are guaranteed that they will find reliable information for their research using this database!

Explora is provided to our students by the State Library of Kansas. The link to this site can be found on the WE website as well as the WE Library website. It can also be easily accessed by using the link provided below.

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Library Leaders

We have 6 sixth grade students who act as library leaders this year. They applied for the positions, and have proven to be a big help in the library. Some of the tasks they perform include: checking in/out of books, shelving books, helping younger students with book choices, putting up/taking down bulletin boards, and anything else that we ask of them! When asked why they like being library leaders, they agree that they like the library atmosphere and helping out, especially with the younger students. Thank you, Kailey, Braylon, Sean, Marianne, Rylee, and Kavi for all your help and enthusiasm!

Upcoming Dates

Week of Dec. 3--Assist with 6th grade Christmas Around the World research projects

Dec. 8--Barnes & Noble Book Fair Fundraiser hosted by the district librarians. Profits go into the Visiting Author fund.

Dec. 13--Student Council meeting in the library at 8:00 a.m.

Dec. 14-19--Student Council sells Holiday Grams in the library. Forms will be sent home with your students.

Week of Dec. 10--Guidance and library classes combine to bring Guibrary to all WE students.

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